Limo And Car Service For Thanksgiving Holiday Chicago IL

Thanksgiving Holiday Chicago IL

Limo And Car Service For Thanksgiving Holiday Chicago IL

Thanksgiving is a holiday that brings memorable times for families and friends. On this special day, families share little time to share Thanksgiving dinner.

They reflect on the past and create sweet memories for the future. It is a day when families not only communicate with each other. They also have loads of fun with one another.

Although some of the favorite Thanksgiving events may be canceled due to COVID-19. But still, there are plenty of ways to celebrate the holiday in Chicago. When you are not busy plan a turkey deck. Apply wall decor to decking the halls.

Catch some twinkling holiday light displays. Heading to watch the Thanksgiving Day Parade is not enough. Bundle up and take the family on a long hike by hiring a luxury Limo Service in Chicago.

If you are in the mood for an outing cook or order some best food to enjoy the day. Make new holiday traditions by following our guidelines.


What to do in Chicago During Thanksgiving Day and the Weekend?

Thanksgiving Holiday Chicago IL
Thanksgiving Holiday Chicago IL

Rather than eating turkey, there is a lot to do in Chicago. You are in a stroke of a fluke because it’s a great time to visit the windy city. There is a lot to do in Chicago during Thanksgiving Weekend and Day.

Here are the best things to do to make your day memorable. Keep reading!

  • Chicago Thanksgiving Parade

Chicago Thanksgiving Parade is one of the best family-friendly parades. It features helium-filled balloons, marching bands, floats, and more. So, wake up early in the morning to catch up on more than 100 spectacles.

A lively mix of everything from soul steppers to ballerinas. Wave at the entertainers as the ornamental floats cruise by. Never miss Santa Claus as he conductors in the holidays.

Topping it all off are matchless performances for the whole day in the main stage area. Stare upwards as the skyline fills with massive helium balloons. Thanksgiving Day events start from 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. central time on November 25, 2021.

  • Explore the City of Chicago Christmas Tree

The city of Chicago designs a large Christmas tree held every year at Millennium Park. So, mark the city of Chicago’s 108th Christmas Tree. It will light up in the heart of millennium park this season.

The opening hours of millennium park are 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.

  • Ice Skating

There are many places for ice skating in Chicago. One of the best is the skating ribbon at Maggie Daley Park. It is picture-perfect located at the next Millennium Park. The Skating ribbon contains paths twice. Visit their official site for the price and opening hours.

  • Make a Thanksgiving carry-out feast order

Start your weekend with a delicious Thanksgiving dinner. No matter whether you want a traditional feast or something unique. Chicago’s top-quality restaurants have covered you.

There are many fine-dining spots, international restaurants, neighborhood favorites, and more. So, explore the best food points in the city by taking a reliable Thanksgiving Car Service.

  • Enjoy ZooLights at Lincoln Park Zoo

ZooLights presented at the zoo park is a cheerful and family-friendly event in the heart of the city. ZooLights are back and much perkier than ever. To stroll via awe-inspiring light displays and outdoor exhibits explore Lincoln Park Zoo. Buy your tickets online in advance to enjoy your Thanksgiving Day.


  • Explore the Lightscape

Lightscape is an after-dark illuminated trail with many twinkling lights. This is not the main Chicago. It is in Chicago’s suburbs which is a 30-minute drive away from downtown. The price of a ticket depends upon the date. But, children below three are free.

  • Wind up and Scroll down a Park

Although the weather is getting cooler but does not mean you can’t enjoy the green spaces in the city. Here are a few green spaces to explore holiday weekend:

  • Visit Jackson Park to see an authentic garden
  • Observe the stunning architecture at Columbus Park
  • Gaze at Humboldt Park by taking a lap round
  • Explore the north park village nature center

How to Throw a Great Thanksgiving Day Corporate Party?

Thanksgiving Holiday Chicago IL
Thanksgiving Holiday Chicago IL

A leader understands how important is to celebrate holidays at work. It develops motivation and plays a vital role in team building. Experts clarify that the creation of traditions in the workplace is imperative.

Because traditions are important both in families and companies. So, a holiday party builds positive morale. It enhances the employee’s motivation and confidence.

Thus, here is a step-by-step guide for the corporate celebration of Thanksgiving Day.

First of all, choose a restaurant. A cozy restaurant with massive size tables and comfy seats. With delicious cooking and a friendly atmosphere.

Book the table for the whole day. Make sure the menu and drinks are. Limit alcoholic beverages during your corporate celebration.

After appetizers ask everyone to give you a thank you notes. Thanks to all your colleagues present there and let them know you are happy and thankful. Try to appreciate everyone. And remind them of at least one of the best things they did during the year.

In the end book a professional Thanksgiving Limo Service in Chicago. We recommend you book Chauffeured Services to ensure the safety of everyone. It makes sure that how important they are to you.

Make sure you hire a reliable chauffeured service. The professionals who can handle all the details. Mercedes Sprinter Limo Service or Party Buses in Chicago are the best options.

How you Can Celebrate Thanksgiving Holiday with your Kids?

Thanksgiving Day is a very important occasion for families. It is an ideal time when families gather to spend some time together. The families have their dinner together. And love to spend quality time together.

Have fun all over the festive season. Suppose you are parents with toddlers or kids. And want some tricks to make this day memorable with your kids? Here are some Thanksgiving Day celebration ideas.

  • Crack Some Thanksgiving Jokes

To make an atmosphere of laughter, Thanksgiving Day jokes are very famous. They bring broad smiles to you and the faces of your loved ones. There are various holiday jokes, which are very popular among kids.

Whether you are a grandpa looking to get your kids laughing. Or you are parents trying to make your kid happy on this day. Collect some funny jokes and let your child enjoy the fest. Sharing jokes is a really good thing on the day.

I have remembered some jokes that my mother was crack with me in childhood:

“Why does turkey play the drums in his band?” “Because he already has drumsticks!”

“Who is not hungry on Thanksgiving?” “The turkey, because he is already stuffed!”

  • Play some Interesting Games

There are many amazing Thanksgiving special games. People love to play such interesting games on this day. These are not only easy to play outdoors or indoors. They also provide ultimate pleasure while playing. Although football is most famous to this day. But there are many other interesting games. The most common are:

  • Autumn Tic Tac Toe
  • Stuff Turkey
  • Turkey Ring Toss
  • Shooting Turkey Game
  • Turkey Bowling Game

Apart from this, you can also enjoy outdoor football games with your kids. National Football League (NFL) is one of the most famous to this day. If you planned an outdoor football match, definitely that will be NFL. If you are a parent having a toddler, infant, or adult child.

And worried about transportation service. No worries. Hire Car Service with Car Seats Chicago for hassle-free travel with kids. So, it’s up to you, whether you want to play games. Or you want to enjoy games on Thanksgiving Day by watching other players.

  • Sing Poems or Songs

There are only a few occasions when all family members gather. Thanksgiving is also one of them. So, celebrate your day with music by singing songs and poems.

There are many special songs and poems for this day. You can sing such songs in the group to cheer up your kids. We ensure you that singing in this way will be a lot of pleasure and fun.

How To Proceed Thanksgiving Night Out?

There are many theaters and clubs that perform holiday entertainment. Thanksgiving evening is a self-announcer. There is no need for any special reminder that it is here. It’s because the day has become one of the biggest party nights of the year.

Joffrey Ballet performs an outstanding performance of “The Nutcracker.” Further, the Goodman Theatre has been producing a Christmas Carol. Such celebrations make your day memorable.

With a large number of people out partying, there may be security and safety issues.

So why would you take the risk with your life? Or lives of your family and friends by being nonchalant about transportation arrangements. The professional  Party Limo Service in Chicago can make you safe and secure. In this way, you can arrive at a club or bar in safety and style.

Why It’s Necessary to Hire Thanksgiving Airport Limo Service?

Thanksgiving Holiday Chicago IL
Thanksgiving Holiday Chicago IL Limo for Airport

Arriving at O’Hare Airport and Midway Airport is a breeze when using Limo Service in Chicago. Because driving to the airport to receive the guests is not fun on Thanksgiving Day. On this special day, you have many friends and families in the city.

Joining the mad rush to pick up your beloved one is not worth the stress. So, why not make your day special by celebrating Thanksgiving with Limo Service?

In this way, you will have a lot of catching-up discussions with your guests. Apart from this, your guests will also thank you for classy and luxurious transport.

What are the Most Common Questions Raised Related to Thanksgiving?

We all know that Thanksgiving is one of the most important holidays in the US. So, people of all ages celebrate this day. Whereas, those who have never lived in the US can seem perplexed related to the celebration. So, we understood the basics.

And discussed some important queries related to the holiday. And one of my fried enlisted some important questions to make the holiday concept concise.

“For what you are “Giving Thanks”?”

On this day, you give thanks for your circumstances. What you have in your life. What makes your life enjoyable? For example, having a supportive and loving family, and having a good education. In short, it’s more about intangibles and less about possessions.

“Do people go around the table to say thanks for what they have?”

Definitely yes! It is a very special and sweet moment. At the moment, you thank someone who helped and support you in your life. Further, some families are more religious and spiritual. So, they will do this in the form of prayers. But thanksgiving meals are most famous for this holiday.

“Do people exchange gifts on the Thanksgiving holiday?”

Nope, I have never. But if people are not seeing each other for a long time on Christmas. Gifts to each other on thanksgiving might be a good option. The day is more about food, food, and more food.

“In actual words what is a “Turkey Trot”?”

Very smart and fit people go for a 5K run on thanksgiving morning. So that can have more space to stuff yourself with food later.

“What is the meaning of 3 Fs?”

Yes, it’s all about three Fs – food, family, and football. Every year on Thanksgiving Detroit Lions and Dallas Cowboys play games opposite each other. I and my family watch these matches every year.

We book Football Transportation or enjoy ThanksGiving With Limo Service. Thus, the holiday without football, guests, and food prep is incomplete.

“Have you ever done it with your friends?”

I have not celebrated this holiday without my family. But this year my celebrations plans are different. As I already discussed that this year, I am far from my family.

So, I will celebrate the holiday with my friends. Because pretending to be able to cook and hang out with friends makes this holiday amazing.

So, what are my plans for Thanksgiving Day and the Weekend?

Thanksgiving is one of the most special holidays. On this day we give thanks to God and also to the people who helped us in one way. To me, it is a day eating turkey and enjoying the day with family.

I always celebrate this special day with my family. But this year I am far from my parents and siblings because of my studies. Yet I am super excited for this day. For this time, I would be cooking turkey myself.

Apart from this, I have also planned to explore some famous Chicago places with my friends. Further, I have also planned to a hire professional Limo Service in Chicago for this holiday.

My aim to hire a professional transportation company is to make my travel hassle-free. But the vehicle’s selection is not yet finalized. The selection of vehicles depends upon the size of my squad.

I will book SUVs or VIP SUVs for 6 to 7 friends. But it may exceed 14 people. Because one of my friends Jack is inviting his fellows. For this reason, it may be Limo & Party Bus. The bottom line is, that this is going to be a fantastic Thanksgiving for me.

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