Why Private Car Hire Services Are Better than Uber?

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Why Private Car Hire Services Are Better than Uber and other transportation network app?

Transportation, by all means, has been revolutionized with the invention of new technologies, it’ growing massively and impacting not just the transportation but also all other industries and the way we live our daily lives. The transportation in public and private sectors have impacted at large. There are new ways of traveling with the emergence of ride-sharing applications and many more innovations regarding transportation.

The ground transportation has seen dramatic shifts with the emergence of apps like Uber, cream, and Lyft. They have offered low-cost ground transportation alternates and as a result, the demand for traditional taxi and limo services have been decreased significantly.

In order to compete with new technologies in ground transportations, private ground transportation companies like Black Car EveryWhere have come up with a more sustainable strategy. Here are the key reasons why you should hire a private transportation company instead of Uber and Lyft.

Private Car Hire

Private Car Hire

  • Real-Time Contact Person

While booking with the private ground transportation company, you talk to real people if you want to book, get a quote, or need any kind of information about the advance reservations. The actual contact makes everything go smoother, and you will feel more confident about the transportation service you are getting.

The professional and an experienced customer care agent will answer your call at any time and you get a clear answer to your questions or queries. Except for answering the phone, the trained professional at the company also tracking flights and drivers 24/7 making sure that every customer gets high-quality service with foolproof security and safety. You can enjoy the comfortable ride!

  • Meet and Greet to say Welcome

This is one of the key elements of booking the ride with the private ground transportation company like Black Car EveryWhere, you can’t have the luxury of meet and greet while booking a ride with Uber or Other similar apps. Meet and greet is one of the exclusivity of traveling with private hires, the properly dressed and highly trained Chauffeur driver welcomes with the friendly smile and nice hello. Once you book the ride with such companies, you don’t need to worry about the rest. The professional and trained driver will help you with the luggage and provides you seamless, worry-free trip.

Private Car Hire

Private Car Hire

Meet and greet is a great option for people who need help with the luggage after their flight or want to impress a visiting business partner, family member, or friend. Your driver will greet you by baggage claim with a sign with your name on it, assist you with the bags, and provide you with a worry-free trip.

  • Personalize Features on Special Note

When you are booking an executive black car or any other private vehicle from a trusted ground transportation company, you can add a customized note to the booking depending on your choice and preferences. Truly, there is a huge list of personalization to add a note with the booking. It’s a primary duty of every Chauffeur to make you please, comfortable and happy, its more than just a pick & drop service.


Private Car Hire

Private Car Hire


  • CORONA Free Environment

It has become a legal obligation for all the private ground transportation companies to ensure the safety of the passengers and prevent the spread of the Corona Virus. In regards to that CDC had provided the strict guidelines of SOPs to follow to operate the transportation business as usual and normal.

In the light of CDC guidelines, private car hires companies such as Black Car EveryWhere ensures that all of its vehicles are completely sanitized and there is no risk of spread of the virus, before and after every drive all the vehicle are inspected and sanitized, handles are being cleaned.

It is important to highlight that drivers have been provided with Corona Safety Training to ensure the complete safety of themselves and the people on board. It is far better than sitting with the random guy in a random vehicle of Uber and Lyft.

  • Loyalty Schemes and Rewards

The frequent travelers such as the business or corporate travelers get rewards, bonuses, and loyalty schemes and enjoy exclusive perks of riding the trusted and reliable private ground transportation company such as Black Car EveryWhere offers special discounts and rewards to its customers having frequent travel history with them. The relationship lasts longer than just a one-time transaction, clients get a chance to know the company and vice versa.

  • Special Features

The private ground transportation companies offer special features and extras as a part of their traveling service. The people on-board gets water or other drinks as per their choice. You can also get snacks and similar foods on special request. The clients also get newspapers or magazines of their choice.

There is a complete package of personalized service and a friendly traveling experience. You can’t expect even the fraction of it while getting a ride with the Uber, even their premium service doesn’t come with such exclusivity, luxury, and comfort.

  • Tracking & Monitoring

Any trusted Private Car Hire company has sophisticated tools and technology in place. They ensure complete tracking and monitoring of the vehicles with the usage of the latest tracking devices and other similar technologies.

If you book car hire for airport transfers or simply book a limo service from the Airport and make an advance booking. The car hire company such as Black Car EveryWhere will be completely aware of your flight delays or any other concern and their Chauffeur will be ready to say you welcome the moment you come out of the airport.

They are always aware of all other security and safety-related concerns, either its about weather conditions, construction zones, or road condition. The IT support infrastructure helps them to be informed and updated about all the minor or the major details of ground transportation operations.

There are more certainties and fewer surprises in comparison with the Uber drivers. All-time monitoring and tracking of vehicles on roads make it the safest medium of ground transportation needs of the people. The safety, security, exclusivity, style, and comfort make it the perfect choice of travelers across the country.

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