Mercedes Sprinter Limo Rental

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What Is The Cost To Hire Mercedes Sprinter Limo Rental?

If you are looking to accommodate up to 16 party goes in a vehicle that has elegance and performance with luxury all combined in one vehicle. There is no better choice than the Mercedes Sprinter Limo Bus. Black Car Everywhere can provide you with this amazing vehicle at amazing rates. Not only you are able to enjoy more in a  contemporary vehicle than the dreary and traditional party bus but also you have more amenities to enjoy as well.

The cost of hiring the Mercedes Sprinter Limo is considerably less than the giant traditional party bus. It costs $125 to $150 per hour, depending on how long you hire it for and what amenities you request.

The minimum hire is for 3 hours, and you can save more money when you hire it for the whole day or More hours. You can contact us for a more detailed quote. Mercedes Sprinter Limo has unique features that make it the best choice for any occasion. It’s a low ride height and higher than the traditional limo.

When it comes to luxury sedan service, there are various options to choose from, including the prestigious Mercedes Benz Sprinter limo. Alongside traditional stretch limousines, limo buses, and party bus options, several reliable limo rental companies offer an array of luxurious vehicles to cater to your needs.

A luxury sedan service provides a pleasant and beautiful trip, whether you need transportation for a special occasion, a corporate function, or want to add a touch of refinement to your route.

The Mercedes Benz Sprinter limo and other luxury cars provide a refined and comfortable experience for any occasion, with roomy interiors, luxurious seating, and premium amenities.

Mercedes Sprinter Limo Rental

Black Car Everywhere offers Sprinter Limo Rental in the Chicagoland area, including all the suburbs. No atter which part of the city of Chicago and the suburbs you live n. We are available for you 24.  Get the Mercedes Limo Rental with Professional Uniformed Chauffeur


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  • All the vehicles are fully sanitize

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Black Car Everywhere is providing Chicago Sedan Service To & From O’Hare Airport and Midway Including all the Airports

Mercedes Sprinter Limo Rental

Regarding luxury sedan service, the Mercedes Sprinter van is an excellent choice, providing the ideal balance of flair and functionality. As a versatile alternative to traditional limousines, the Mercedes Sprinter van has tinted windows, ensuring privacy and a touch of elegance. With its spacious interior and comfortable seating, this sprinter limo bus is ideal for various occasions, such as birthday parties or special events.

The large sliding door allows easy entry, while fun features like a DVD player keep guests intimately engaged throughout the journey. Whether you’re looking to hold a small group or a larger gathering, a sprinter van rental offers the flexibility of accommodating different sizes, providing ample elbow room and comfortable seating.

Contact a luxury sedan service for a free quote and experience the convenience and luxury that a Mercedes Sprinter van brings to your next event or outing. Its ceiling makes it the perfect vehicle for the party as you can dance. When your jam comes on, you can enjoy Bluetooth music connectivity and USB ports for charging on the bus.

How Can I Get a Mercedes Sprinter Limo Rental Near Chicago?

Are You Looking To Hire The Mercedes Sprinter Limo Rental Near Chicagoland Area or Chicago Suburbs? Black Car Everywhere Can offer you a Mercedes Sprinter Limo with a modern interior. It Can accommodate a large number of passengers for all occasions and events. The Mercedes Sprinter is one of the most demanding rental vehicles in Chicago.

The good news is that Black Car Everywhere provides this remarkable vehicle at very reasonable prices. You can be sure to get a good deal if you take our advice on getting this vehicle on rental near Chicago.

Do the Necessary Research

Just a usual Google research can also help you find this vehicle at a reasonable price. You need to ensure you get the best rate possible and acquire the services from a local provider.

Yellow Pages

The local directory is always a reliable and tested way to connect with local Chicagoland-based businesses. A quick rifle through the yellow pages can yield some valuable contacts from where you can hire the Mercedes Sprinter Limo.

Contact a Local for Recommendations

The most authentic way to get informed about the local service providers is to ask a local. Always ask if they have personal experience with them. You do not want to ruin your party with someone unfriendly or unprofessional.

Mercedes Sprinter Limo Party Bus Near Chicago Suburbs

Living in the Chicago suburbs can be a blessing. Being able to feel the fresh air and count the stars is a luxury not many can afford in Chicago. But it could turn into a little bit of annoyance when it comes to acquiring basic amenities.

You could be in for a surprise when looking for a Mercedes Sprinter Limo party bus near the Chicago suburbs. If you want to hire a fabulous Mercedes Sprinter limo for Chicago, you may require a reliable company that offers such services as Black Car Everywhere.

We may be based in Chicago for many decades, but we are always a phone call away from where ever you are. You can fill in the required details, and we can always give you a quick call back, discuss your requirements, and suggest the best options for you.

An email usually does the trick as well. As we get your contact details; then you can leave the rest to us. We take complete responsibility for taking your guests to Chicago the most luxurious way possible. So contact us, and we will have a solution for every situation.

Mercedes Sprinter Limousine Rental Party Bus For Wedding

Are You Looking For a Mercedes Sprinter Limo Rental For Wedding Parties? With time, the traditional stretch limousines for weddings are being replaced by the new generation of more luxurious and efficient vehicles. Mercedes Sprinter limo is helping massively in transitioning to a better driving experience, comfort, and luxury.

Black Car Everywhere provides the top-of-the-range Mercedes Sprinter Limousine to accommodate up to 16 passengers to enjoy the luxury and excellent driving experience. Your wedding day is the most important day of your life, and obviously, you would like to have everything perfect for such an important day.

At the same time, the bride and groom may have their classic limo to ride in. The guests deserve something better than the boring old party bus. We provide just the alternative you deserve. Our Mercedes Sprinter Limo party bus is fitted with groovy lights and a Bluetooth-enabled sound system that would occupy the guests in their element.

To top it off, you could request a range of alcoholic and nonalcoholic drinks in the minibar to sip on while moving to the venue. Just get in touch; we would be happy to provide further details.

Mercedes Sprinter Limo Party bus Chicago for Airport

Black Car Everywhere is an expert in providing Mercedes party buses in Chicago for airport transfers. Gone are the days when the old party buses used to be the only choice available. Modern options are making those airport transfers sound and feel like a breeze. You get faster, more efficient, and luxurious vehicles such as the Mercedes Sprinter Van fitted with jet seats or party seating and superb amenities.

Are You Looking For a Mercedes Sprinter Limo Rental For O’Hare Airport? Whether you are looking to transport corporate clients to the next corporate event in Chicago or just the partygoers to their ultimate jam destination does not matter. The Mercedes Sprinter limo can accommodate any passenger and fulfill their requirements.

Do you need the Mercedes Sprinter Limo Rental For Midway Airport Or All Private Airports? Either it’s super-fast internet connectivity, USB laptop charging on the move, groovy lighting to take the edge off, loaded minibar, or a pole in the middle of the vehicle to show your smooth dancing moves. We got you covered. We would monitor your flight times and transport you on time without you having to stand and wait at the airport.

Just get in touch so we can provide you with more information and a quote. Call Us 24/7 at (708) 770-0805 to book the Mercedes Sprinter Limo Rental for all your events. No matter if you want to hire for Proms Or Hourly Mercedes Sprinter Service for Parties. Visit our other vehicle as well and choose the best one.