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map of Hobart, Indiana, United States

About Hobart:

Hobart is a vibrant and historic city located in Indiana, known for its rich history, diverse culture, and beautiful landscapes. Some of the city’s most famous attractions include the Hobart Art Theater, the Lake County Captains baseball stadium, and the historic Hobart High School.


Hobart, Indiana, is a vibrant city with distinct neighbourhoods, each offering unique features and amenities to its residents.

Downtown Hobart:

The heart of the city, Downtown Hobart is a bustling area with a mix of businesses, shops, restaurants, and entertainment venues. It serves as the commercial and cultural hub of the city, attracting locals and visitors alike.


Located along the shores of Lake George, the Lakeside neighbourhood offers stunning waterfront views and outdoor recreational activities. It is known for its serene atmosphere and waterfront parks, making it a popular spot for relaxation and leisure.

Historic District:

Hobart’s Historic District is home to charming historic homes, buildings, and landmarks. It preserves the city’s rich heritage and architectural history, offering a glimpse into Hobart’s past.

Residential Suburbs:

Surrounding the central areas are several residential suburbs, each with its character and charm. These neighbourhoods feature a mix of single-family homes, townhouses, and apartment complexes, providing diverse housing options for residents.

Industrial Area:

Hobart is also home to an industrial area, housing manufacturing plants, warehouses, and logistics centres. This area plays a crucial role in the city’s economy, providing employment opportunities and contributing to its growth and development.

Top Airports & City-to-city routes from Barrington, IL

O’Hare Airport (ORD)

- Distance: Approximately 46 miles
- Travel Time: Around 1 hour

Midway Airport (MDW)

- Distance: Approximately 45 miles
- Travel Time: Around 1 hour

Hobart International Airport (HBZ)

- Distance: Approximately 10 miles
- Travel Time: Around 20 minutes

Top Routes

Routes  Travel Time (Mile) Routes  Travel Time (Mile)
Hobart >> Chicago 45 minutes, (30 miles) Hobart >> Gary 20 minutes, (10 miles)
Hobart >> Merrillville 15 minutes, (08 miles) Hobart >> Crown Point  25 minutes, (15 miles))
Hobart >> Valparaiso 30 minutes, (20 miles) Hobart >> Michigan City 35 minutes, (27.5 miles)
Hobart >> La Porte 45 minutes, (36.7 miles) Hobart >> Portage 20 minutes, (7.0 miles)

Famous Landmarks Of Hobart, IL

Deep River County Park

Deep River County Park is a popular outdoor destination offering various recreational activities such as hiking, picnicking, fishing, and nature trails. It encompasses scenic landscapes and historical sites, providing visitors with a glimpse into the area's natural beauty and cultural heritage.

Lake George

Lake George is a picturesque lake located in the heart of Hobart, Indiana. It serves as a hub for water-based recreational activities including boating, fishing, and kayaking. The serene surroundings and tranquil waters make Lake George a favorite spot for locals and tourists alike to unwind and enjoy nature.

Hobart Historical Society Museum

The Hobart Historical Society Museum is dedicated to preserving and showcasing the history of the region. It features exhibits, artifacts, and documents that chronicle the development of Hobart from its early days to the present. Visitors can explore the rich heritage of the area through informative displays and interactive exhibits.

Brickie Bowl

Brickie Bowl is a historic football stadium located in Hobart, Indiana. Home to the Hobart High School football team, Brickie Bowl has been a symbol of community pride and spirit for generations. The stadium hosts various sporting events and community gatherings, fostering a sense of camaraderie among residents.

Hobart Art Theatre

The Hobart Art Theatre is a cultural landmark in downtown Hobart, Indiana. Originally opened in the 1920s, the theater has been renovated and restored to its former glory, showcasing a mix of classic and contemporary films. It serves as a venue for film screenings, live performances, and community events, enriching the cultural life of the city.

Festival Park

Festival Park is a vibrant gathering place in Hobart, Indiana, hosting a variety of festivals, concerts, and special events throughout the year. Situated along the scenic Lake George, the park offers scenic views, walking paths, and open green spaces for relaxation and recreation. It serves as a focal point for community celebrations and entertainment.

St. Bridget Catholic Church

St. Bridget Catholic Church is a historic landmark in Hobart, Indiana, known for its beautiful architecture and religious significance. Founded in the early 20th century, the church continues to be a place of worship and spiritual reflection for the local Catholic community. Its towering spires and ornate interior make it a notable sight in the cityscape.

Veterans Memorial Park

Veterans Memorial Park honors the brave men and women who have served in the armed forces. The park features monuments, memorials, and plaques commemorating veterans from various conflicts throughout history. It serves as a place of remembrance and gratitude, paying tribute to the sacrifices made by military personnel in defense of freedom and democracy.

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Stage 1: Courteous welcome Sets the Tone

Picture your esteemed guests stepping into a world of sophistication and luxury. Our chauffeur, impeccably dressed and exuding professionalism, warmly welcomes them at their designated pick-up point, opening the door with grace. The sumptuous leather interior of our meticulously cared-for limousine invites them to relax in a spacious cocoon of comfort. As they settle in, personalized greetings and chilled beverages tailored to their liking await a thoughtful touch that showcases your meticulous attention to detail. The journey commences not with the usual hustle of traffic but with a curated soundtrack that sets the mood for a productive and delightful experience.

Stage 2: Straightforward and  smooth Service

Our chauffeurs are more than just drivers; they are seasoned professionals who anticipate your every requirement. 

Chauffeur oening door
Handsome chauffeur driving luxury car

They navigate the city with the skill of seasoned guides, ensuring a smooth and stress-free ride. Time is precious, and we value that. Our dedication to punctuality guarantees your guests arrive at their destination feeling refreshed, focused, and prepared for the day ahead. Throughout the journey, our onboard amenities, from Wi-Fi connectivity to power outlets, ensure uninterrupted work or relaxation in opulent surroundings.

Stage 3: Leaving a Lasting Impression, Exceeding Expectations

As we approach the drop-off point, our chauffeur assists guests with their belongings, ensuring a seamless transition from our care to theirs. The final moments of the journey are as crucial as the first. We leave an indelible mark of professionalism, courtesy, and an unwavering commitment to surpassing expectations. As your guests step out rejuvenated and ready to tackle their day, you can trust that Black Car Everywhere has played a pivotal role in orchestrating a successful and memorable experience.

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We offer a variety of vehicles to suit your needs, including:

  • Limousines: Perfect for special occasions, our limousines are equipped with the latest amenities for a luxurious and comfortable ride.
  • Sedans: Ideal for smaller groups or individual travellers, our sedans offer a comfortable and stylish transportation option.
  • SUVs: For larger groups or families, our SUVs provide ample space and comfort for a relaxing ride.
  • Party Bus: Our 26-passenger party bus is perfect for group events, offering a fun and exciting way to travel.

Get Limo Service Hobart IN with latest model fleets.

We offer a variety of vehicles to suit your needs, including limousines, sedans, SUVs, and a 26-passenger party bus.

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