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Black Car Everywhere offers Baseball lovers a luxury Limo And Car Service Guaranteed Rate Field. Are you coming to Chicago to watch your favorite baseball team play? We are here to cover your transportation need.

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Luxurious Limo And Car service Guaranteed Rate Field

History of Guaranteed Rate Field:

Guaranteed Rate Field is a baseball stadium located in Chicago, Illinois. Guaranteed Rate Field, not its initial name; it was first named Comiskey Park when It was opened in 1991. It was later changed to U.S. Cellular Field in 2003 and then to its current name.

White Sox has a vibrant history with guaranteed Rates. Let me tell you about White Sox if you don’t know about them. The White Sox was established as one of the eight charted American League franchises (AL) franchises. White Sox have played baseball at the Guaranteed Rate Fied since its opening.

And they have made it their home ground. This legendary team, “White Sox,” has won their third and most significate championship at Guaranteed Rate Field. It’s a beautiful place to watch the White Sox play as they have entertained fans for decades.

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What are the regular events held at Guaranteed Rate Field every year?

Guaranteed Rate Field has gained popularity over time. Many Events are held there throughout the year. Some are regular events, and some are held occasionally like Fan Appreciation Days, Youth Baseball Events, Fundraising Events, and Private Events and Rentals. Here are some of the events that Guaranteed Field hosts all year.

We offers the best Limo And Car Service Guaranteed Rate Field at Pocket Friendly Rates.

Chicago White Sox Regular Season: As you know, it’s now the home ground of the White Sox. The stadium hosts the Chicago White Sox’s home games throughout the Major League Baseball (MLB) regular season. It usually takes place from April to September. 

MLB All-Star Game (when applicable): From time to time, Guaranteed Field may host MLB All-Star Game. It’s a big game featuring major players.

Preseason Games: You can say it; practice the game of White Sox before MLB sessions start.

College Baseball Games or Tournaments: Occasionally, college-based baseball events may host my Guaranteed Field. It’s not a regular event or not from any specific college. 

Soccer Matches, Hockey Games, and Other Sporting Events: This stadium is popular in other games also. It has been used for many different sporting events like soccer and hockey.

Concerts: Guaranteed Rate Field can easily hold a crowd of 40,000 people, making it perfect for concert venues. 

Fireworks Nights: White Sox have made Guaranteed Field their home. They often organize fireworks nights for their fans during the session. They make it like a festival. This event aims to engage with their fans and enhance their game-day experience.

What Are The Best Hotels Near Guaranteed Rate Field?

There are many reputed hotels at available near Guaranteed Rate Field. It’s recommended to check room booking apps like, Priceline, and Here are some of the best hotels near the Guaranteed Rate Field. 

We offer the Finest Limo And Car Service Guaranteed Rate Field in Chicago Area with trained Private and Professional chauffeur.

Hyatt Regency McCormick Place: The hotel is within walking distance from Guaranteed Filed, also close to McCormick Place Convention Center. The distance from Hyatt Regency McCormick Place to Guaranteed Rate Field is about 2.3 miles. It has a 4.4-star rating.

Hilton Garden Inn Chicago McCormick Place: It’s another hotel for baseball lovers near the stadium. It’s close to Hyatt Regency McCormick Place gives more options. It’s a 4.2-star rating on Google. It’s recommended to check the reviews before booking your room at any hotel.

Marriott Marquis Chicago: It’s another hotel with a 4.6-star rating with 6000+ reviews. The distance from Marriott Marquis Chicago to Guaranteed Rate Field is around 2.5 miles.

Marriott Marquis Chicago offers half the price of Hyatt Regency McCormick Places’ rooms. Using a booking app is recommended to get an extra discount. Book from Super Travel and get an additional 10% discount

Chicago South Loop Hotel: There is another 3-star hotel with a 4.0-star rating on Google. The distance from Chicago South Loop Hotel to Guaranteed Rate Field is about 1.6 miles. It’s the closest and cheapest among all the above.

Jaslin Hotel: The distance from Jaslin Hotel to the stadium is 2 miles. The price of Jaslin hotel rooms is slightly less than Marriott Marquis Chicago. It’s also a 3-star hotel with 4.6 reviews from 3,000 customers.

Black Car Everywhere offers luxury limo and car service at Guaranteed Rate Field For All Occasions and Events. Our chauffeur with the luxury ride will be there in just one call. Get your luxury limo and car service Guaranteed Rate Field in just one call. Call us at (708) 770 – 0805.

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