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Joliet is one the fastest growing cities among Chicago metropolitan area.  It has around 140k residents and $320 Millions of tourism industry. We are ready to cover your transportation needs. Call us Now! Get our black car service in Joliet, IL.

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About Joliet, IL

Joliet lies on the Des Plaines River around 40 miles southwest of Chicago Downtown. It has been renamed twice and is also known as “Stone City” for its limestone. It was first named by an Ottawa settler James B. Campbell in 1833 on his daughter. It was renamed after 12 years for the French-Canadian Settler, Louis Jolliet. Casino Gambling is on the rise here. Jolliet is coming under the Chicago metropolitan Area also known as “J-Town ”.

Joliet Districts

East District

East District includes all of the Joliet area and comes on the east side of the Des Plaines River. Sectors 11 to 16 come in the East district. These places come in the East districts of Jolliet, il.

SECTOR # Places
Sector 11 Forest Park and Liberty Meadow Estates neighborhoods
Sector 12 Benton & Garnsey neighborhood
Sector 13 Pilcher Park to Bee Dee Highlands neighborhoods
Sector 14 Joliet Police Department Main Station and Downtown City Center
Sector 15 Joliet Township East High School, Joliet Township Pathways Academy, and neighborhood
Sector 16 South of Interstate 80, the Far-south commercial district and the Cedar Creek neighborhood

The Central District

The Central District includes the area between the Des Plaines River and Joliet Junction Trail to the west. Sector 20 to Sector 25 lies in the Central District. it’s included.

SECTOR # Places
Sector 20 Business areas (Plainfield Rd area, Larkin Ave area, W Jefferson St area)
Sector 21 Plainfield Rd business area to Old Plank neighborhoods
Sector 23 Cathedral and St Mary’s neighborhoods
Sector 24 W Jefferson St business area, and St. Pat’s and Redwood neighborhoods
Sector 25 Business areas (Larkin Ave area, W Jefferson St area) to Bridal Wreath neighborhood
Sector 26 Joliet Township West High School and business areas (Larkin Ave area, W Jefferson St area)

West District

The west side is considered safer and cleaner than the east side. Usually, newcomers prefer to settle in the west side. The population is growing, and the city is continuously having new projects to revamp streets. Joliet Junction Trail works as a boundary between the West and Central Districts. Sectors 30 to 35 come in the West District. It includes.

SECTOR # Places
Sector 30 Business areas (Essington Rd, W Jefferson St) to Picardy neighborhoods
Sector 31 Mall Loop business area to Lakewood Falls neighborhoods.
Sector 32 W Jefferson St business area to Springwood neighborhoods
Sector 33 Rt 59 business area to River brook Estates neighborhoods
Sector 34 Rt 59 business area to Mayfair neighborhood
Sector 35 Plainfield South High School and the Joliet Police West Substation.

City-to-city routes from Joliet, IL:

O’Hare Airport (ORD)

- Distance from Joliet: 32.7 miles.
- Travel time: Approx 45 minutes to 1 hour

Midway Airport (MDW)

- Distance from Joliet: 25.4 miles.
- Travel time: 35 to 45 minutes approx.

South Bend Airport (SBN)

- Distance from Joliet: 92.9 miles
- Travel time: 1 hour and 30 minutes to 2 hours approx.

Top Routes

Routes  Travel Time (Mile) Routes Travel Time (Mile)
Joliet, IL >> Aurora, IL  52 mins, (46.5 miles) Joliet, IL >> Chicago, IL 57 mins, (46.0 miles)
Joliet, IL >> Naperville, IL 42 mins, (19.0 miles) Joliet, IL >> Orland Park, IL 30 mins (19 miles)
Joliet, IL >> Rockford, IL 1 hr 49 mins (110 miles) Joliet, IL >> South Bend, IL 1 hr 58 min (101 miles)
Joliet, IL >> Peoria, IL 1 hr 56 min (130 miles) Joliet, IL >> Lafayette, IN 2 hr 30 min (131 miles)

Top 8 Historical Landmarks in Joliet

Route 66

Explore Route 66 landmarks and attractions, including the Joliet Area Historical Museum. A Black Car Service ensures easy access to these historic sites.

The Old Joliet Prison

Experience the haunting history of this former state prison, operational from 1896 to 2002. Explore the cell blocks, solitary confinement areas, and gallows yard, now home to a museum exploring the prison's history and its impact on the lives of inmates and staff.

St. Joseph Catholic Church

Admire the Gothic Revival architecture of this historic church, constructed in 1868. The church boasts stained-glass windows, intricate stonework, and soaring ceilings, showcasing the craftsmanship of its era. Guided tours delve into the church's history and religious significance.

Rialto Square Theatre

Step back in time at this opulent Beaux-Arts theater built in 1926—Marvel at the stunning architectural details, including ornate plasterwork, chandeliers, and murals. Catch a live performance or simply admire the grandeur of the space during a guided tour.

Joliet Iron Works Historic Site

This is a 19th-century ironworks complex that has been converted into a museum and park. It is a popular spot for hiking, biking, and picnicking.

Joliet Area Historical Museum

This museum has colorful & interactive exhibits focused on regional history, plus a souvenir shop. It is open from 10:00AM to 5:00PM on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Joliet’s First Sidewalks Historic Site

This site is home to the oldest sidewalks in Joliet, which were built in 1853. It is a small park with a few benches and interpretive signs.

The Jacob Henry Mansion

Take a peek into the affluent lifestyle of the 19th century at this restored mansion. Guided tours showcase the lavish furnishings and architecture, providing a glimpse into Joliet's past.

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Leisure Lizards:

Joliet’s hidden gems are calling, and Black Car Service Joliet is your golden chariot. Like walking history books, our local-savvy chauffeurs whisk you past charming backstreets, Instagram-worthy landmarks, and scenic escapes. Want to ditch the map and just soak in the Joliet vibes? No sweat. Stretch out in the airy comfort of our SUVs or gather your travel crew in a spacious Sprinter van – your Joliet adventure awaits.

Party Panthers:

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