Which is the Busiest US Airport?

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There are many reasons for traveling people from one place to another; some want to explore new cultures and histories, some travel for leisure, some for business opportunities, and some for any particular reason. If you travel to any long-distance location, Air travel is the quickest way to travel safely. Air Travel is one of the most important means of transportation globally.

Regarding Air Travel in the USA, today, the US boasts a vast network of airports, providing transfer facilities to millions of passengers to domestic and International destinations. In this guide, we’ll explore which Airport deserves the Crown of the US busiest Airport and learn about other busiest Airports.

About the United States

The United States is commonly known as the US, the third largest country in the world by land area and population, bordered by Canada, Mexico, the Atlantic, and Pacific Oceans. The country has 50 States, a Federal District, and five self-governing territories. The USA is a global superpower and a leader in scientific research, technology, and innovations. It is also known for its cultural exports (Hollywood films, music, and sports) and the world’s busiest Airports.

About Air Travel And Air Service:

Air Travel is an essential part of modern life, suitable for business, tourism, and connecting globally. An Airport is where airplanes take off and land, consisting of buildings, runways, and taxiways. Airports provide various services for the assistance of passengers, such as airlines, terminals for check-in, baggage handling, security screening, and waiting areas.

Airports facilitate people worldwide, connecting cities, countries, and continents. In the United States, a vast network of Airports serves various destinations worldwide. Many Airports in the U.S. serve the land; let’s explore which airport can crown the champion of American Aviation.

The Contenders:

To choose the busiest US Airport, we must consider several factors, including the number of passengers, flight operations, cargo volume, and International connectivity.

 Here is the list of the ten busiest US Airports based on passenger traffic:

1- Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport

2- Los Angeles International Airport

3- Chicago O’Hare International Airport

4- Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport

5- Denver International Airport

6- John F. Kennedy International Airport

7- San Francisco International Airport

8- Seattle-Tacoma International Airport

9- McCarran International Airport

10- Orlando International Airport

1- The Busiest US Airport, Hartfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport:

Hartfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport is the busiest US airport in Georgia, only 10 miles from Downtown Atlanta, and it takes about 15 minutes to get here. ATL serves more than 107 million passengers annually, making it the busiest US airport by passenger traffic.

ATL has four runways, serving about 150 domestic and International destinations. It offers facilities such as shopping and dining, duty-free shops, entertainment options, lounges, cafes, car rental, free Wi-Fi, and many others. ATL is the central hub for Delta Airlines, which serves 80% of all air traffic at the airport.

The airport provides accessibility for travelers with disabilities. Hart’sfield-Jackson is a central transportation hub, a gateway to Atlanta and the world.

2- John F. Kennedy International Airport:

JFK Airport is the Airport of New York, One of the busiest and biggest Airports worldwide. It is a giant playground for airplanes and travelers. John F. Kennedy International Airport, in the Southwest of downtown Manhattan, is New York City. It is about 15 miles(24Kilometers) away from downtown. It has 6 Terminals with the numbers included, 1,2,4,5,7, and 8.

It has terminals, each with uniqueness, and they have their special clubhouses where you can wait, check-in, and also hope on their airplanes. It has four runways in total. These runways are for helping the plane to land and take off safely. JFK is a bustling place that can handle a lot of flights daily. On average rate, it can easily handle thousands of flights, and JFK majorly serves Delta Airlines and Jet Blue Airlines. 

It has some cool things that will make your journey extra cool and comfy. These are Restaurants and shops, Play areas for kids, Longues, and also provide you Wifi in the Airport. It is the biggest and busiest airport in New York because many people and planes come here daily. It is like a busy bee hive with planes taking off and landing all the time, and it can provide the service to more people and more planes this feature makes it the busiest and biggest Airport in the world.

3- Los Angeles International Airport:

Los Angeles International Airport is commonly known as LAX. It is located in Los Angeles. It is a major airport in Los Angeles and the surrounding Metropolitan Areas. Lax is located about 18 miles from downtown Los Angeles. It is situated southwest of downtown.

This airport has nine terminals, each with special features. They are like small cities in the airport; they have everything you may need, from places to check-in and security checks to shops, restaurants, and lounges. It has four runways lined up next to each other. 

They help plans to take off and land smoothly because it is a hub of national and international flights, making it more important for travelers worldwide. It is also a meeting space for many Airlines. It is a hub of busy routes that contact the major cities in the USA, Asia, Europe, and Latin America. It serves many Airlines like Delta, America, and United. These are the Lax players who make it a lively and bustling airport.

4- Chicago International O’Hare Airport:

Chicago O’Hare Airport is situated northwest of downtown Chicago. It is about 17 miles away from the downtown. It is a major gateway to the windy city and its neighborhood regions. It is a transportation hub for people traveling within the United States or worldwide. 

O’Hare has a total of four terminals. They provide everything from check-in counters and security checks to shops, eating points, and lounges. In the O’hare, each Terminal is used by a specific Airlines Terminal 1 is used by United Americans Airlines, Terminal 2 is used by Delta and American, Terminal 3 is used by American Airlines and other partner Airlines, Terminal 5 is specific for International Flights to ensure a pleasant experience for the global travelers. It serves seven runways in total that offer efficient tack-off and landings. 

O’Hare serves a high volume of national and international flights because it has a capacity that allows it to do this very quickly and give a smooth and convenient flight experience to domestic and international travelers. It serves about 585 flights per day, a really high volume of the flights that the O’Hare International Airport of Windy City Chicago serves. O’Hare built its reputation as the biggest and busiest Airport in the world because of its vast capacity to handle national and international flights.

5- Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport:

Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport is a hub where the Lone Star State Meets the world! It is situated between two cities, Dallas and Fort Worth. This airport is about 17 miles from downtown and is located northwest of Dallas. It is home to the Five Terminals, which offer everything, including Check-in, a variety of shops, eateries, and comfortable lounges. 

It has Terminals A, B, C, D, and E. DFW Airport is the busiest and biggest Airport globally because its good and immersive infrastructure allows it to handle millions of customers each year. It is a crucial connection point in the global transportation system. It has Seven Runways. This configuration is vital for taking the volume of the flights that pass through the DFW daily, The airport operates 191 domestic and 63 international flights.

6- Denver International Airport:

Denver International Airport is located in the Denver Northeast of downtown. It is situated 25 miles from downtown Denver. Three modern terminals boost DEN. Each terminal offers a unique set of services and amenities. It provides facilities, including a check-in counter, shops for shopping and eating, some eateries, and cozy lounges. 

Jeppesen Terminal is used explicitly for the Check-in counter, baggage claims, and passenger services. Terminals A, B, and C provide services to different airlines and are equipped with many facilities that make your travel experience more comfortable.

Denver earned its reputation as the biggest and busiest Airport due to its outstanding infrastructure and high capacity. It handles millions of passengers each year, and it can take about 1600 flights per day. 

This airport has six runways, vital for managing the estimated number of flights that pass by Denver daily. It is a significant portion of the volume of domestic and international flights. It is a hub that connects passengers to destinations across the United States and the surrounding areas.

7- San Francisco International Airport:

SFO is situated in San Francisco, about 13 miles from downtown San Francisco. It is a crucial transportation for both domestic and international travelers. It has terminals like the neighbors in the Airports that provide you with check-in facilities, shops, a dining area, a play area for children, and a relaxation area. It has 1,2,3, and Boarding areas A and G.

 It is a crucial Airport of San Francisco Bay and also one of the biggest and busiest airports because of its capacity and versatility. It can handle an average of 1,255 flights each day. That is why it is considered one of the world’s biggest airports. It has four runways that provide efficient takeoff and landings. It serves different airlines across the United States and around the world. It welcomes millions of travelers to experience the magic of San Francisco Bay.

8- Seattle-Tacoma International Airport:

SEA is situated in Seattle, and it is your starting point to discover the beauty of the Pacific Northwest if you want to explore the city’s wonders and get off to new horizons. It is a vibrant Airport from inside and outside. It is about 14 miles from downtown in the south. SEA is like a home of two main terminals and two satellite terminals each terminal provides a wonderful experience and offers you a range of amenities. These terminals also provide facilities like check-in, shopping refreshments, and relaxation areas.

It is considered one of the busiest and biggest airports in the aviation world due to its versatility and capacity to handle a high volume of flights and passengers. It boasts three parallel runways. SEA serves as many airlines that connect passengers across the US and worldwide. Alaska Airlines is the major airline that SEA serves. Seattle-Tacoma International Airport welcomes millions of people each day. About 45.9 million people travel per year, and it serves 91 domestic and 28 international destinations.

9- McCarran International Airport:

Las Vegas is a city of entertainment and a loving destination for partygoers and travelers. It has the biggest and busiest airport, McCarran International Airport, which is a gateway for fun-loving people. It serves domestic and national flights from and to the world widely. It has a great space to handle millions of passengers and a high volume of flights, making it the biggest and busiest airport in the US and worldwide. It has two terminals, terminal 1 and terminal 3, which serve all the passengers of this airport.

 These terminals provide services ranging from check-in counters to shops, dining, and relaxation areas. Terminal1 housing concourses A, B, C, and D. It is the central hub of the airport for domestic flights, offering various services to ensure smooth journey. Terminal 3 is an international gate and concourse. E Terminal 3 caters to domestic and international flights. Passengers can enjoy dining with many options to taste, from local bites to global cuisine. 

LAS is considered the vital hub connecting people to the excitement of the city and beyond. It is located in Los Vegas and approximately 5 miles from downtown. It boasts four runways providing smooth take-offs and landings for national and international flights. As it serves many Airlines, Southwest Airlines is the leading Airline that the LAS serves. It can handle 52.7 Million people, and it is the record for 2022.

10- Orlando International Airport:

MCO is situated in the Orland, the wonderful city of Florida. It is a destination that is 6 miles from downtown. It is an entry point for the magical journey to the theme parks, sunshine, and other fun-loving activities. It is like a Portal of the wonders of Florida. 

Orland International Airport has two terminals, each with a unique charm and beauty. Terminal A serves Delta, Alaska, and Jetblue Airlines. This terminal provides a variety of amenities to travelers to make their journey through this Airport memorable. Terminal B houses Airlines such as American, United, and Spirit. Due to its extensive infrastructure and capacity to hold national and international flights efficiently, it is known as the most extensive and busiest airport in the US and one of the biggest Airports in the world.

It has four runways. It serves millions of passengers across the globe and the US. It serves 850 daily flights and 44 airlines. It welcomes millions of travelers to experience the charm, joy, and enhancement of the Orland and its surroundings. It is a major international airport in Mid-Florida.

Which Services are Provided at the ATL Airport?

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport offers a wide range of services to passengers, including:

  1. Dining & Shopping: ATL Airport offers more than 300 dining options, including restaurants and cafes. Passengers can buy souvenirs, gifts, and other items from different shops.
  2. Lounges: ATL has several lounges, including Delta Sky Club, American Airlines Admirals Club, and United Club. All these offer complimentary food and beverages, Wi-Fi, and other facilities.
  3. Wi-Fi: Enjoy free Wi-Fi throughout the airport.
  4. Ground Transportation: ATL offers ground transportation options, from rental town cars to taxis, ride-share services, and public transportation.
  5. Baggage Service: Passengers are facilitated with baggage carts, baggage wrapping services, and baggage storage facilities.
  6. Information Services: ATL has information desks and interactive kiosks throughout the airport. Passengers can get information about flights, airport facilities, and ground transportation services.
  7. Medical Services: ATL provides medical facilities and services, including first aid stations and clinics, for medical assistance.
  8. Special Assistance Services: Special assistance services such as wheelchair assistance and special boarding assistance are also provided to disabled passengers.
  9. Pet Relief Areas: There are designated pet relief areas for passengers traveling with pets.
  10. Children’s Play Areas: Several children’s play areas are provided where children can play and have fun before or after their flights.

Other Busiest US Airports?

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Limo Service for Busiest US Airports

Besides the ATL, there are many other busiest US airports. The Los Angeles International Airport is the second busiest US Airport, serving almost 88 million passengers in 2019. Likewise, LAX, Chicago O’Hare, Dallas/Fort Worth, and the Denver Airports are among the busiest US Airports. These airports serve a variety of airlines, destinations, and routes.

Here is a list of the ten busiest International Airports in the United States based on passenger traffic in 2021:

  1. John F. Kennedy Int Airport – New York, NY
  2. Miami International Airport – Miami, FL
  3. Los Angeles International Airport – Los Angeles, CA
  4. Newark Liberty International Airport – Newark, NJ
  5. San Francisco International Airport – San Francisco, CA
  6. O’Hare International Airport – Chicago, IL
  7. Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport – Atlanta, GA
  8. Dallas/Fort Worth International AirportDallas/Fort Worth, TX
  9. Boston Logan International AirportBoston, MA
  10. Seattle-Tacoma International Airport – Seattle, WA

This list may change over time based on airline routes, economic conditions, and global events.

The Busiest US Airports by Flights

Here is a list of the ten busiest airports in the United States by several flights in 2021:

  1. Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport – Atlanta, GA
  2. O’Hare International Airport – Chicago, IL
  3. Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport – Dallas/Fort Worth, TX
  4. Denver International Airport – Denver, CO
  5. Los Angeles International Airport – Los Angeles, CA
  6. Charlotte Douglas International Airport – Charlotte, NC
  7. Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport – Phoenix, AZ
  8. George Bush Intercontinental AirportHouston, TX
  9. Seattle-Tacoma International Airport – Seattle, WA
  10. San Francisco International Airports – San Francisco, CA

Note that this list may change over time based on airline routes, airport expansions, etc.

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