What are the Winters Activities in Chicago?

Winters Activities in Chicago


As winter arrives, Chicago is covered in a shimmering layer of snow, turning the Windy City into a wonderland. Chicagoans love this winter season, and lots of visitors also come to enjoy lots of winter activities here. Under the skyline, you can enjoy from Ice skating to sipping hot cocoa; Chicago offers something for everyone during the colder months.

In this guide, we’ll explore the best winter activities in Chicago, ensuring you make the most of this chilly and charming season.

About Chicago:

Chicago is a vibrant city in the United States of America, offering something to enjoy all year round, from its skyline to its renowned institutions. Chicago is on Lake Michigan and offers warm summers, chilly winters, and stunning spring and Autumn foliage.

Visitors can enjoy outdoor attractions, beaches, Navy Pier, vibrant neighborhoods, lovely eateries, clubs, and parks in Chicago. Millenium Park and Chicago Art Institute are the most-visited attractions. Take a ride on the Chicago River or to the Magnificent Mile and explore the winter activities in Chicago.

Chicago’s Winter Tips:

The activities of Winters in Chicago can be cold and snowy, so plan accordingly; there are plenty of activities to keep you warm in the Windy City. Make your winters memorable with ice skating rinks to cozy pubs in thrilling and freezing weather. Enjoy the festive atmosphere from late November to Christmas at the famous Christkindl market in Daley Plaza.

You’ll remember this trip to Chicago, from the iconic sights of the city attractions to the unique cultural events.

Here are some tips about chicago winter that will help you enjoy and plan according to the weather of chicago:

Dress up warmly: Wear stylish but also warm and cozy clothes. Don’t forget a hat, gloves, and a thick coat. Chicago can be very cold in winter, so wearing warm clothes and staying safe is vital.

Snowy shoes: If snowing outside, please wear shoes that dry your feet. Snow boots are ideal for this situation. They have good grips and can help you walk safely on snowy sidewalks.

Hot drinks are better: Enjoy hot drinks, like cocoa and tea, in cold weather. These drinks can warm you up, and you feel cozy in such cold weather.

Check the weather before planning to go out: Before you go out, make sure to check the temperature. It will help you and you will prepare and dress up accordingly if it is snowy, freezing, and sunny outside. 

Indoor fun activities: Chicago has many indoor places that offer fun to visitors in the cold weather. Museums, coffee shops, and theaters are great spots to have fun and stay warm.

Try winter food: You can taste winter treats offered by different cafes and restaurants in chicago. Chicago has yummy foods like hot chocolate, deep-dish pizza, and hearty soups.

Have Fun and be safe: your health is the most important thing. Whether you are sledding, exploring museums, or sipping hot drinks, keep your health a priority. Make memories to remember your winter adventure in chicago, but also save yourself from this dangerous cold of the chicago.

Things To Do in Chicago in Winters.

Visitors of all ages can enjoy the variety of activities in Chicago as there are lots of things and attractions to watch, like ice skating, riverwalks, and watching snow globes.

Outdoor Winter Activities:

1- Ice Skating:

Millennium Park’s McCormick Tribune Ice Rink is situated against the Cloud Gate; experience the icy sidewalks and embrace the frosty weather. These are the most fun outdoor activities for you and also for your kids.

2- Snowshoeing and Cross-County Skiing:

The parks and nature centers offer fantastic options for snowshoeing and cross-country skiing. Northerly Island, with its natural trails, is perfect for these activities.

3- Winter Festivals:

Chicagoans love celebrating the winter season with festivals, including the annual Christkindlmarket at Daley Plaza, Nuremberg Christmas Market, and the Winter WonderFest at Navy Pier. Here, you can find many things to do for kids and enjoy the chicago winter with your kids.

4- Hot Cocoa:

Chicago has various cafes and chocolatiers that serve hot chocolate. Don’t miss the XOCO to try the classic Mexican Hot chocolate by renowned chef Rick Bayless.

5- Go Sledding:

Chicago’s parks offer fantastic sledding hills where young kids have unique experiences. Cricket Hill in Montrose Beach and Humboldt Park are famous places for sledding spots, spend hours of snowy fun.

6- Cozy Fine Dining:

Visit cozy restaurants such as Geja’s Cafe, River Forest, and many others to enjoy delicious food in a cozy atmosphere. These places can be the hidden romantic places for you on a chilled day in chicago.

7- Neighborhood Lights:

Explore the grounds of Lincoln Park Zoo and Brookfield Zoo and mesmerize with thousands of twinkling lights and a magical atmosphere for families.

8- Take a Walk in the Snow:

Stroll through the streets, parks, and neighborhoods loaded with fresh snow and offer a peaceful backdrop. Bring your cameras, and don’t forget to click some memorable winter selfies. It will be the most romantic activity and thing to do in chicago winters, and it would be the most amazing experience for you and your partner.

Indoor Winter Activities:

Here are some indoor activities that are as followers:

1-Visit the Museum:

The Art Institute of Chicago, the Field Museum, and the Museum of Science and Industry offer exhibitions and interactive displays. Spend leisurely hours exploring history, science, and art.

2- Winter Gardens:

Enjoy the lush green gardens. The Garfield Park Conservatory and Lincoln Park Conservatory offer colorful flora and warm breezes. Visiting here with your partner will be the most romantic thing in Chicago during winter. It will also allow you to enjoy the chicago winter with your partner and make unforgettable and sweet memories together.

3- Adler planetarium:

Explore the mysteries of the universe at the Adler Planetarium. With its Art exhibitions and engaging shows, this is a perfect indoor attraction for those looking for cosmic adventure who don’t want to face the cold.

4- Watch a comedy show:

You can warm up yourselves by attending the comedy shows. Chicago city has many legendary comedy clubs. The Second City, The Io Theater, The Annoyance, and Laugh Factory are the famous comedy clubs of Chicago’s windy city where you can warm up your chilled holidays and enjoy the stand-up performances of local and international stars.

5- Indoor Rock Climbing at :

Whether a seasonal climber or a beginner, it will give you complete fun activities and an equal chance to enjoy your winter holidays. This activity offers a fun and challenging environment to all the people with different skill levels.


Winters Activities in Chicago
Winter Activities in Chicago with Private Chauffeur Service

Fun Things To Do in Chicago Winter 

There are lots of things to do in chicago during the Winter Season, and these are also cheap things to do, such as;

Sledding at Northerly Island: You have come to a special snowy place for sledding. So, for a lot of fun, Grab a sled, which is like a little vehicle for sliding on the snow. Walking up on the snowy hills makes you feel like you are getting ready for the little adventure. Sit on the sled and, woosh, slide down the hills. It is super fun and makes you feel like flying in the snow. While sledding, you will laugh, enjoy the chilly air, and have a great time with family and friends. It is like a winter rollercoaster but in snow.

Visiting the world’s giant Starbucks: Going to the world’s big Starbucks coffee place will be a big adventure for your taste buds, and you will also have the chance to discover the best coffee according to your taste buds. You can find lots of different types of coffee and treats also!

Snowman building: Making a snowman is a classic winter activity. You gather snow and stack them on top of each other. After that, you can add a carrot for its nose and buttons for the eyes. Also, you can add any other things to make it unique and graceful.

Winter story time: If you are a book lover, you can enjoy winters like this: Find a cozy spot indoors, maybe with a warm blanket, and have a storytime. You can read your favorite story or the one someone asked to read to you during this time. It is also a great way to enjoy winters and stories by staying inside.

 The fun of Cookie Decorations: if you love cooking and baking, you can enjoy your winter by staying home, and backing and decorating some delicious cookies is a fun-loving task. You can use icing and sprinkles to create snowflakes, snowmen, or any other designs you want to make or like!

Nature Scavenger Hunt: You can go on a nature scavenger hunt in winter. It’s like going on a littel adventure in your backyard or a nearby park. You can look for pinecones, winter leaves, or animal tracks in the snow.

Watch Winter Wildlife at Montrose Harbor: Wear warm layers of clothing and go to Montrose Harbor to watch Winter Wildlife. Different kinds of birds come during the cold season, making it an excellent place for people who like nature and creatures the most.

Watch a hockey game with the Chicago Wolves: You will like this activity if you are a sports lover. You can go to chicago wolves to feel the excitement of the Hockey game in the winter. The game is fast; you will have more fun watching it on a chilly day. The arena is full of energy, which makes it more thrilling for people who like sports.

Biking on the Lakefront Trail: People who like adventures can try biking on the Lakefront Trail during Winter. The cold, fresh air and beautiful scenery make it more special and exciting for the bikers, and it will be a different and refreshing billing experience for them.

Chicago Attractions in Winters

Navy Pier is Chicago’s most fantastic wintertime attraction for fun activities along the lakefront, like ice skating, carousel rides, funfair games, and fireworks shows. Additionally, a joyous Christmas market is opened here from November through January.

One of the top wintertime attractions is the Christkindlmarket. Chicago Museums offer cultural experiences in winter. Exhibitions at the Field Museum showcase the dinosaur bones and other artifacts. The Museum of Science and Industry offers interactive science exhibits. Millennium Park offers an ice skating rink and sledding slopes for wintertime snowy fun. In addition, you can also find the following attractions in the windy City of Chicago in the winter. And you should visit there in the winter:


  • Christkindlmarket
  • Linkon Park Zoo lights
  • Hot Chocolate Festive
  • Chicago Riverwalk
  • The Magic Parlor
  • Chicago Botanic Garden
  • Winter  Wonder Town at Navy Pier
  • Magic Delay Park
  • Winter Brew Tours
  • Garfield Park Conservatory

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