Welcome to our dependable kids transportation service Chicago. We are dedicated to providing safe and reliable transportation for your children. We know how important it is for you to have peace of mind regarding your child‘s safety, and we are here to help. We offer a variety of transportation in chicago.

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Our Services

Airport Transfers with Kids

Every time you land with kids at MDW or ORD and want to get home as soon as possible. Let us know by making call and prevent yourself from unnecessary wait.

Chauffeur Services for Family with Kids

All our chauffeurs go through comprehensive background checks and regular training. It will ensure that they continue to provide unmatched service and attention.

Black Car Service with Car Seat

Our immaculate executive black car with kids car seat, as well as our professional, courteous, and experienced chauffeur team, we believe, make all the difference.

Limo with Kids Car Seat

Need a ride to the airport with your little one? Look no further than Limo with Kids Car Seat! We provide safe and reliable transportation for families with young children.

Travelling With Kids Family Transportation

We at black Car Everywhere cover you in all ways. We are providing the best car service with car seats in Chicago, IL. So, leave your car seat at home, we are here for you.

Town Car Service with Kid’s Seat

Looking for a safe, reliable and affordable town car for your family and kids? Look no further than Black Car everywhere Town Cars! Our team of experienced and professional drivers are dedicated to providing you with the best possible service.

O’Hare Airport Kids Transportation Service Chicago

Whether you pick an exquisite executive van or a big charter bus for your ORD transfer, you can rest confident that all our vehicles are in excellent working order. Your kid’s safety is our top priority, so our fleet undergoes annual inspections.

Another critical feature of a luxury vehicle service is comfort. We continuously engage a professional cleaning service to keep our vehicles pristine. Call us to book Chauffeur Airport transportation in chicago now!

Midway Airport Kids Transportation Service Chicago

Our kid’s transportation is an excellent option for families traveling to and from MDW. Regardless of your aims or destination, our crew will ensure you have a stress-free travel. We will put together every detail of your transportation plan.

We help you select the right vehicle for your needs and chauffeur transportation in chicago. Further, for a premium experience, our crew provides each car with luxurious facilities.

Kids Transportation Service Downtown Chicago

Regardless of the weather, Downtown Chicago’s a remarkable array of museums. Kids transportation in chicago provides limitless options for an afternoon’s entertainment. Stand in wonder in front of Edward Hopper. It is the famous painting Nighthawks in the Art Institute of Chicago.

There are lots to see and do in Downtown Chicago. It is famous for its fascinating museums, spectacular river views, and beautiful architecture.

Kids Transportation Service Chicago

Book us for a Dependable Kids Transportation Service Chicago

Our kid’s transportation in Chicago is one of the kids’ most reliable travel modes. For years, we’ve been relocating families with children. As a result, you can now reserve our limos for your kids. You can maintain your daily routine while knowing your children are in good hands. It’s for busy parents who need a safe and dependable service. Rely on transportation in Chicago with your children’s schoolwork, games, field trips, private lessons, and Safety.

So, are you looking for a Kids Day out limo service across Chicago?

We are the solution! With our kids transportation service Chicago, you may save time and money. Spend time in well-kept kid’s parks, which feature a variety of gardens and public art. Buckingham Fountain is an art structure that is one of America’s most significant fountains. So, puts up a magnificent light show.

Take a traditional tourist selfie in front of the reflecting curves of Cloud Gate. It is also known as “the Bean” along Lake Michigan’s shoreline. Top attractions include the Chicago Theatre and the Chicago Riverwalk. To explore more of the city, take the metro to State Station or Clark-Lake Station.


To what extent booking a kid’s limo with a black car everywhere is safe?

Stay away from strangers, taxis, and ride-sharing services. Reserve our limos for reliable transportation service Chicago. STOP allowing your kids to ride in a car with strangers alone. It’s time to hire a high-quality limo service in Chicago for your children.

Your most prized possessions are deserving of your undivided attention and care. Our Limo service is your reliable choice for transportation services, ensuring your child’s school transportation is handled in a safe and efficient manner. Just as your child deserves the best in their school programs, we provide the best transportation services to reach child’s school programs.

Our trusted drivers undergo thorough background checks to guarantee a secure environment. From school care to child care facility pickups, our Limo service makes child care easy and worry-free for parents.

The following are the most common concern of all parents:

Is it the safest way to go by hiring a kids transportation service in Chicago?

Our chauffeurs are among the safest drivers you’ll ever encounter. All city-plated limo drivers must pass state and national criminal background check. We do this to receive a municipal license. Furthermore, they are licensed chauffeurs and have background check.

All our chauffeurs are courteous and professional. They are either fathers or moms. They will get along with your children. Now you can entrust us with the transportation of your children. We will not disappoint you.

Picking your child after school care program ensures a safe and efficient manner of caring for children, offering convenient car service and proper car seats for transportation.

We prioritize the well-being of each child, treating them as our own children. Your child deserves nothing less than the best, and we make child care easy in an efficient manner and with necessary accommodations.

Is it a safe environment to transport your young adult or child in the limo industry?

Yes, it is! Your children will have the entire car. We provide private transfers, not public. There will be no shared rides with strangers unless the parent or guardian informs us that someone else must also pick up. Otherwise, your child will ride alone; we provide the necessary accommodations to make your child care easy.

Do we provide a verification process for our kid’s transportation service in Chicago?

Yes, we provide. For pick-ups and drop-offs, there is a verification process. We make sure that your child is in an appropriate vehicle. We also ensure that your child is safe and treated by the right individual.

Do you know your driver?

Definitely, yes! You’re familiar with your driver. On the day of the pick-up, we will email you a snapshot of your children’s chauffeur.

Can you provide updates about the status of your transportation?

Yes, you’ll receive updates on the status of your ride. We keep in touch with the person who booked the vacation so you don’t have to.

Can you schedule transportation as per your needs?

Yes, we do. Transportation that works around your schedule. You have complete control over your time. We will arrive on time, regardless of the time you specify in your reservation.

Is this an easy online booking process?

It is simple to make a dependable kids transportation services Chicago reservation. You can make a reservation using our online booking service in less than a minute.

Can parents make sure their kids are safe and know where they are?

We keep in constant contact with the parents or guardians and safety at all times. Before the pick-up, the trip booker will receive complete driver and car information. Besides, for verification purposes, we will text you.

Ensure the car’s license plate matches the one on your text before your kids get in. Do not let your child in the car yet if there are disputes. Be on the lookout and contact our office as soon as possible.

Best transportation vans in Chicago for kids

Dependable Kids Transportation Service Chicago is one of our best children’s transportation services. We provide safe transportation to and from school for children. Book our black vehicle service online when you’re in a hurry or out of town. We help parents and schools with child transfers in the Chicago area and its suburbs.

Putting the child in the car seat is a father’s job. Dependable kids’ transportation service in Chicago provided by the black car is superior. We know how to deal with children and have a few tricks under our sleeves. Your driver will arrive a few minutes before the scheduled pick-up time. This will allow your youngster enough time to prepare and leave.

Add a spare stop to your booking or book us hourly. An hourly booking is best if you’d like us to pick up someone else on the way to school. With our after-school child transfers, you can rest assured that your child is safe. We will pick them up on time and deliver them to home in a safe manner.

We will send you three updates about the trip will. One at the start, another in the middle, and the final one at the end. Book us online whenever and for whatever occasion you need us. Plans may change, and you may need to work longer hours. Or, your child may choose to join a trip team. But you are unable to accommodate this in your schedule.

No matter how old they are. Your daughter may be returning from college for the holidays. And her train will arrive at the Union Station in downtown Chicago after midnight. Or her flight could be late until 3 a.m., and you have to report to work at 8 a.m. That is precisely why we are here! For any of these eventualities, we provide dependable kids transportation service Chicago.

If you need dependable kids transportation service Chicago for our after-school care program, we do the following:

  • Pick up your child from school and drop him or her off at our child care center or home.
  • Send a van with a sign that says “For Kids” on the side. And work with an instructor who will lead your youngster to our vehicle.
  • Can pick up your child in the morning and evening. You need to call us for your unique luxury car transportation needs. We are always on time, so you don’t have to bother.

Private and public kids transportation limo service Chicago for school

Black Car Everywhere collaborates with schools of all kinds. We ensure that kid transfer is no longer left behind in technology and innovation. We also work with students of all abilities, including special education students. We provide them with more accessibility and care.

Why are we famous with the tag of best kids transportation service Chicago?

We provide transportation for your children throughout Chicago. The North Shore and some Northwest suburbs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our Limo is a top-rated service with hundreds of 5-star ratings online. Our chauffeurs are experts and licensed.  They passed a background check conducted by the federal government. They adhere to all traffic laws and practice defensive driving. You may put your trust in us regarding your kids transportation service Chicago.

Fun and entertainment are the one aspect of child care. But safety is another aspect. You can rely on Black Car Everywhere to pick up your child from school. We transport them in safe and secure transportation. You can depend upon our kids’ transportation service in Chicago. We transport your kids on time, safely and efficiently.

Never again will they be interested in who will be waiting for them after school. When your child’s school dismisses, our vans will arrive with prominent signage on the side. And an instructor will direct them to the appropriate vehicle for a child care facility.

Why book our kids transportation service Chicago for your child’s birthday?

In a Children’s Birthday Limo Chicago, we offer you the best party for your child. When you hire us for your event, you’ll get the vehicle you want at a reasonable price. Organizing your child’s birthday party will be a delight for us. We have extensive experience in handling events involving children and teenagers. This is the primary reason you should choose our kids transportation service Chicago.

We can even develop a fun theme for your Kids Party Limo transportation in Chicago area. Or we incorporate your existing party theme into the Children’s Birthday Limo Chicago. Whether you have the party celebration inside the limo or outside, plenty of surprises can be in store for the kids.

Presents non-alcoholic beverages, music, and favorite movies on a big screen. Or even a clown to entertain them is intended to brighten the dull moment of your child’s day.

High-quality child seat for kids transportation service Chicago

We selected only first-class vehicles and kid seats from well-known companies. We do this to provide a transportation service that meets all your travel demands. You can choose between rear-facing, forward-facing, and backless booster seats. All these seats are set up and tailored to your child’s age and height. We do that if you need help determining which is ideal. Our customer services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days per week, to make your dull moment into the breeze.

There’s no need to be highly stressed about your child’s safety. Because we can provide excellent, dependable kids’ transportation service Chicago that includes child seats, you can also bring your seat. Still, please inform our representative during the booking so we can account for the time it will take to connect it to our vehicles. In this way, we can give early pickup.

Travel safely with child car seat limo service in Chicago


Aside from various infant seats, there is a wide choice of comfy automobiles. Elegant Lincoln, Mercedes, and Cadillac sedans, as well as SUVs and vans, are available. Even if you need professional chauffeur transportation for a particular occasion, there is no need to forego glitz because we provide immaculate kids transportation service Chicago.

Although child seats are not required in some states, we recommend you use them at all times for your and your child’s safety. We customize our kid’s transfer services as per your needs.

So, please provide as many details as possible about your route. No worry about the number of child seats; we will do our best to meet each one.

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