FAQs For Limousine and Car Service

Faqs For Limousine And Car Service

Frequently Asked Questions FAQs For Limousine and Car Service

Q1. Where do I meet my Chauffeur at O’Hare Airport?

Ans1A- For Meet & Greet Pickup: At O’Hare Airport, your Chauffeur will be found inside the Terminal with your name sign, when you exit the arrival gate after clearing the customs and immigration process. You will also get a text notification with the driver and the Vehicle information.

He must have picked up your name sign and will be available in the Baggage Claim Area. The Chauffeur will assist the passengers where; he can handle your luggage and escort them to the vehicle.

1B- For O’Hare Airport Curbside Pickup:  You will get a text message notification from Black Car Everywhere about your Chauffeur, vehicle, make and model. You can call or text your driver, Once you get your luggage and are ready to go. 

Your Chauffeur will meet you at the Curbside in the arrivals.  

Note: The Airport Authorities do not allow the Chauffeur to park and wait for the Client. Thus, the Client needs to be there and then call or text the driver.

Q2. Where do I meet my Chauffeur at Midway Airport?


1A- Meet & Greet Pickup: Your Chauffeur will meet you at the Midway Airport Arrivals/ Baggage Claim Area with your name sign. When your plane lands, our Chauffeur will contact you via text message or call and let you know his Spot inside the Airport. He must have picked up your name sign and will escort you to the vehicle.

1B- Curbside Pickup:  We will always pick you up from Door 2, in the middle lane of the Arrivals. Once you get your luggage ready to go, you can coordinate with your Chauffeur. Your Chauffeur will meet you at the Curbside

Q3. What is the cancellation policy?

(Service area)

Ans. The cancellation policy covers all scheduled and Hourly rides from Airports, Train Stations, residences, Offices, Games, Theaters, Restaurants, Cinemas, Shopping Centres, and other places you want to visit. 

Free Cancellation: We make free cancellations and changes in the reservation if customers inform us before 12 hours; our chauffeurs always prepare in advance to avoid unnecessary delays in arrival time.

Airport Pickup: If your flight is cancelled or delayed more than 60 minutes than the scheduled arrival time, the customer must inform Black Car Everywhere limousine and car service in advance for free cancellation. If the customer tells us about cancellation or any change in the booking time after 1 hour, we will charge the full fare for the cancelled ride in that scenario.

Airport Departures: 4 hours before pickup time for a full refund except for the long-distance trips, or it will be a full charge if cancelling within the 4 hours time frame for pick up and drop off. If a customer cancels in the last 1 hour, we will charge the total price of the reservation.

Free Cancellation Before 4 Hours of Pickup Time:

We understand and agree to pay the full fare if you do not follow the cancellation policy. If customers don’t cancel their ride before 4 hours, they have to pay the total Cost for the full fare, which would be considered a last-minute cancellation or no show, so the customer has to pay the total fare.

Q4. Are Smoking and drinking allowed in your vehicles?

Ans. Many Limousines have a smoke-free environment that does not allow Smoking because the odour is sucked up into the Limo’s soft surface and lasts a long time, which can be a nuisance for later travellers. 

Smoking or any illegal activity is not allowed in Limo. If any passenger indulges in such action, the Chauffeur has every right to get him out of his vehicle immediately, and no charges will be refunded.

No smoking, no sexual activities, and no other illegal activities are allowed in the vehicle, persons who are conducting illegal activities, or any illicit drug usage, will be removed from the cars by the driver, and no refunds will be issued.

The Limousines with ice-box also have a Bar facility you can use. Drinking is only allowed in Limousines with bars and only in Limousines with dividers between the driver and the passenger.

Under no circumstances will minors be allowed to drink alcohol. Only passengers are allowed to drink; the driver is not allowed to drink while driving. If you cause any filth or vomit from alcohol, there will be a $150 cleaning surcharge.

Q5. How can I book a private car Service in advance or Online?

Ans. You can easily book your ride or a Private Car Service anytime, a few days in advance or a few hours in advance. But if you have any emergency, we strive to make the ride available as soon as possible. 

The practice we follow is to check the availability of a driver closest to your location and ensure how fast he can get to your specified site and cover that ride. For the speciality vehicle, you can give us the heads up 48 hours before pickup.

Can I Get The Ride on Right Away Basis?

Depending on the driver’s location, you are told at a given time how long your ride will take. This time can range from 10 minutes to an hour; the company will send the driver if you confirm that ETA. You are provided with well-equipped amenities whether you book your Car one hour or several days before. You must clear all the payment protocols before sending it to the driver.

Q6. Do Black Car Everywhere offer an event or VIP service?

Ans. Black Car Everywhere also provides VIP Limousine Service for different events and Occasions. Some of these are as follows;

  • – Virtual Events
  • – Sports & Recreations
  • – Tours and Attractions
  • – Music concerts & Comedy
  • – Theatre & Performing Arts
  • – Museums, Galleries & Exhibitions
  • – National Festivals and Special Events

Black Car Everywhere provides the best VIP limousine services within Chicago and its surrounding Suburbs. All our vehicles have the best facilities and luxuries that make your journey very comfortable. The amenities we provide in our cars are LCD, music system, air conditioner, disco lights, cosy sofa seats, bar and intercom.

All our chauffeurs are well-trained and well-behaved; they know how to treat their esteemed passengers. They are trained according to the different events and situations so you may not face any trouble and your event becomes memorable.

Q7. Is there a fee for the Meet & Greet service?

Ans. It Costs between $25 to $35, depending on the Airport. Meet & Greet is an excellent service known as Meet and Assist Service provided with an aide who guides you to different places at the Airport. The aide helps passengers at the Airport, so they do not have to wait in long lines and effortlessly pass all the tiring protocols. 

It is a VIP service with many facilities like buggy service, porter service, access to the airport lounge, and assist passengers in many other procedures and protocols of the Airport. Your aide will meet you at the escalator or baggage claim with your name on a sign. Your guide meets all the protocols on your behalf while you can sit back and relax. We provide this Service at the passenger’s request, but the service charges are in addition to the rent. Our meet and Greet service charges are as follows,

Between $25 To $35 for the Meet & Greet Charges.

Q8. How can I make my online reservation with Black Car Services?

Ans. You can make your reservation online by following this procedure;

Step 1:

– You can select the “Book Online” button on our page and select the “Service Type” you want to avail.

– Once you finalize your service type, you can insert the Pickup address, Drop-off address, Date, Time, number of Passengers and Luggage count.

Step 2:

– Select Vehicle type.

Step 3:

– Then enter your final details like; your First and Last name, Contact number, and Email address.

Alternatively, you can make your reservation via phone or text.


-The company will add 20% of the Standard Gratuity upon the final online reservation.

-The company will add a $5 Airport pickup fee at Airport Transfer Service.

-For The Car Seat Service, $20 Extra.

-If you want the Meet and Greet with a name sign, it will cost $25 extra.

Q9. How can I ask about Black Car Services?

Ans: Black Car Everywhere provides you with all these Services;

Black Car Service

Chauffeur Service

Prom Limo Service

Wedding Limo Service

Mercedes Benz Service

Corporate Limo Service

Professional Car Service

Airport Transfer Services

Hourly Executive Transportation

You can find detailed information about all the services on our official web page. In addition, the Reservation Form contains all the details of our VIP Services.

Q10. Should I include the extra time at the airport pickup service since I need to collect my baggage?

Ans. Extra time is also provided to you upon the passenger’s request but with separate charges. Black Car Everywhere provides a 45-minute free wait time For airport pickup service, but once your free period has passed, waiting for appointments will apply according to the vehicle type. Upon international flights, we gave 1 hour free wait time to clear the costumes and collect your bags.

Sedan $10/10 minutes

Luxury SUV $15/10 minutes

Stretch Limo $30/10 minutes

Sprinter Van $30/10 minutes

Limo Bus $45/10 minutes

Q11. Do you charge extra in case my flight gets delayed? Will you monitor my flight?

Ans. We will not charge extra for situations you have no control over, such as flight delays. Black Car Everywhere has well-trained chauffeurs who know precisely how to handle situations.

After making your reservation, your flight is tracked online by our Active dispatch & Chauffeur, and when the status of your flight arrives, our Chauffeur comes to your Service.

Black Car Everywhere already offers 1 Hour complimentary wait time for international airport arrivals. If your flight is getting delayed in advance, you can also notify us by Email so our driver will track your flight and arrive at the Airport accordingly.

Q12. Can I Get The Car Service With The Car Seat, Or do I need the Limo service with the car seat?

Ans. As Law requires, a service must provide car seats for Kids’ safety. Black Car Everywhere understands the needs of its most respected passengers very well and includes child safety car seats for their travel needs and special arrangements for the safety of children. We always put the children’s health first and provide you with sterile and safe car seats for infants and children of all ages.

Now you can leave your heavy carriages at home without any worries. Besides this, we also provide you with a high-back booster seat with a harness and a backless booster seat with a latch. Our transportation service is available to all areas around Chicago.

Our car seat charges are as follows,

Car seat  $20/seat

Booster/ Forward Facing / Rear Facing seats $20/seat

Q13. Why do I need to prepay Gratuity?

Ans. The most significant advantage of paying for Gratuity in advance is that you don’t have to carry your money. Instead, you can enjoy your journey in peace and comfort without any hassle.

We already add 20% of your Gratuity to your final rent fee, and if your experience does not go well with our Service, we will refund you all of your prepaid compensation.

We value the safety of your life and money and the safety of our Chauffeur as well, which is why we ask you to pay in advance so that you have the least amount of money and can avoid any untoward incident.

It is not a big deal if you still want to give tips to your Chauffeur. You can contact us; we will refund your 20% prepaid gratuity.

Q14. How do you maintain your fleet?

Ans. It is imperative to take care of the fleet’s maintenance to keep them in good condition. For this, we pay special attention to these steps.

-Oil changing

-Professional Inspection

-Engine cleaning

-Brakes checking

-Disinfecting the vehicle

-Supplanting new air filter

-Keeping the engine antifreeze

-Washing the Car from outside

-Changing and swivelling the tires

-Changing of belt and conduit\hoses

-Recharging and replacing the battery

-Keeping the interior of the vehicle spotless

We follow all these instructions after a while so our prestigious passengers may avoid trouble.

Q15. If I book your Service to a concert and back, how will I find my driver in the crowd?

Ans. After a reservation, we send your driver’s details (Name, Contact #, Vehicle Model & Plate #) to your provided contact number 2 hours before your pickup time. Whenever you go to a Music Concert, keep your driver’s details and contact your Chauffeur to know the pickup point. Our vigilant drivers also let you know the precise location when they reach the Spot.

Q16. How do you accept payment?

Ans. Carrying money with you is dangerous, so two major online payment types are available today.

  • Credit Card
  • Direct Debit
  • Zelle Payment
  • Cash App
  • Venmo
  • Online Bank Transfer

Black Car Everywhere accept all credit cards, but cheques are not accepted at all. Credit cards are most safe payment method to use online payment these days. We use your credit card information only for a one-time fee to charge the ride. 

If our customers want to keep their credit card details with us, we can keep those for future reservation payments.

Black Car Everywhere is not at all responsible for misusing your credit card. The customer is responsible for ensuring that whatever information they provide is accurate and complete in paying their bills.

Can I Get The Discount On Cash Payments?

We also offer ZellepayCash App, and Venmo with a 5% Discount.

Q17. Are pets allowed in the vehicle?

Ans. Yes, We allow Service animals with no questions and no extra charge. If the guests travel with their pets, they must disclose this in the reservation remarks. Please ensure that it is in its designated cage and does not keep it open so that it does not disturb the driver, distract him, or cause any problems while driving. You can use a pet harness, pet carrier, pet cage and pet guard to keep restraining your pet with you.

If you want to keep your pet open without a saddle, you must get permission from the Service and the driver. If the driver is comfortable so that you can keep your pet open, then there is no problem. While travelling with your pet, you must pay special attention to the cleanliness of the vehicle. If your pet animal causes filth in the Car or causes any damage inside the vehicle, you must pay $150 for the cleaning fee.

Guests must follow the service animal policy if they travel with a service animal.

Q18. How many people can fit comfortably in a Stretch Limo?

Ans. Black Car Everywhere is an excellent source for exploring Chicago and its famous landmarks with friends or family. You can book Stretch Limousine, which can easily accommodate more than ten people. It is very reasonable for a group of friends.

-Stretch Limousine’s rent on hourly rates starts at $145 per hour, and the minimum hours would be 3.

Q19. Do you charge Service by mileage or by hourly?

AnsBlack Car Everywhere is proud to offer you Hourly Limousine Rental Service and Mileage Rental Service in and around Chicago for Airports, Train stations, Residences, Offices, Games, Theatres, Restaurants, Cinemas, Shopping centres, and all other places. We provide you with 24/7 Executive Service.

In Mileage Service, you continue your journey without stopping and get charges according to the miles.

Hourly Service is the best choice; you can start from 3 to unlimited hours without charging for additional stops.

You can also customize it as you desire and stop as often. You can take advantage of our Service at any time of the day, whether early or late at night. You can change your stop and final goals anytime.

Q20. Can we smoke in your Limo?

Ans. It is prohibited, in Limousines, the consumption of Smoking and other related items for passengers. If the driver finds you involved in such activity, he can remove you immediately without a refund. 

It is vehemently denied Smoking because of the smoke-free environment of Limos. The interior of the Limo is made of a soft surface, which can absorb odours and fumes.

Tobacco and similar items contaminate Limo’s environment. It can be detrimental to later travellers, especially children, and its stench can make many passengers unwell. Its smoke also harms the driver’s health. 

That’s why Smoking is forbidden in our Limousines. Some passengers use electronic cigarettes, but you must first get permission from your service provider whether they allow you to smoke an electronic cigarette.

Q21. Do you offer decorated limos on special occasions like weddings and birthday parties?

Ans. A wedding is an extraordinary occasion in that every moment should be memorable, and Black Car Everywhere play an essential role in making your special day even more special. We offer a decorated Limousine with the best facilities and luxuries for your birthday and wedding anniversaries.

Let us know about your budget, and we’ll offer you a Limo with possible decorations in that budget. You can make this decoration according to your need and comfort. Here are some hunches to help you get your Limo decorated,

-Mirror personalization:

We can use car windows in various ways to make your day memorable or have your name written on them.


There are many different ways to decorate the Limo with flowers; these flowers can be natural or fake, depending on your budget. You can choose the decoration style according to your style.

-Ribbons and Balloons:

We can use different coloured ribbons, flowers, balloons, wishing cards, and pictures to decorate uniquely and uniquely.

-Interior decoration:

We can also decorate the interior of the Limo with different coloured LED lights, balloons, flower petals, flower bouquets and buntings for you.

Q22. For how many passengers is a party bus suitable?

Ans. A Party Bus is suitable for 20 to 26 passengers. Party Buses are a perfect choice for large groups to travel simultaneously to famous sights, restaurants, bars, weddings, sporting events, concerts, and several destinations in and around Chicago. Party Buses have amenities like; TV, FM radio, Wi-Fi, comfortable seats, a gaming area, and a recreational area.

Q23. Do you provide Airport Transfers?

Ans. Yes! We are famous for providing Airport Transfers with safety and security to all the airports of Chicago and surrounding Suburbs. You can book a reliable and Budget-friendly Limo ride to and from any Airport in Illinois and its surrounding Suburbs. We are specialized in airport pickups like O’Hare, Midway, DuPage Airport, Chicago Executive Airport, Waukegan Airport Limo, and Rockford Airport.

Q24. What if we are travelling with a large group of people?

Ans. No worries! Black Car Everywhere provides a variety of transportation for everyone. We have something for everyone according to your budget and requirements. We offer special transportation for large groups of people like VIP SUVsStretch LimosSprinter Vans, and Party Buses

All of our vehicles are well-equipped with amenities according to your travel needs.

Q25. How much does your Service Cost?

Ans. The Cost of our services may vary according to the Service you will avail. You can tailor your ride according to your travel needs and requirements. Get a quote right now and know the rates of your desired destination points. You can check the price on our website or get a free quote from our live agent.

Q26. How many tips should I pay my driver?

Ans. We always provide highly professional, well-trained, and vigilant drivers to our prestigious customers. They cater to fulfil your travel needs and provide you with a safe & sound ride to your destination. 

If you are satisfied with your provided Service, we recommend a 20% tip of your total fare for the best services they provide. But it is totally up to you how much you would like to pay for the information.

Q27. How are you the right Limo Company for my family and me?

AnsBlack Car Everywhere is a renowned Limousine and Car company that has provided high-end Services for years to our prestigious passengers. We also understand that you need a reliable Service provider to and from your destinations in and around the city. 

We provide 24/7 customer care services, and our dispatchers are available 24/7 to serve you and solve all your queries about booking a reputable Limo ride. You can call us or visit our website to learn more about us. Call us anytime at tel:708-770-0805.

Q28. What type of vehicles do you offer?

Ans. Black Car Everywhere proudly introduces its fleets to our esteemed passengers. We offer a modern, latest and well-equipped extensive range of VIP fleets. Our luxury fleet consists of




Stretch Limos

Mercedes Benz

Vans, and Party Buses.

Choose according to your passenger and luggage count.

Q29. What giant Bus do you offer?

Ans. We have giant Motor Coaches, which can easily accommodate 55 passengers. These motor coaches are luxurious and best for long-route tours and travel with safety and many amenities according to travel needs. 

Some coaches even have Beds, recreational areas, and restrooms with shower facilities. Motor Coaches has niceties like Sound System, LCD, Fiber optic mode lights, comfortable seats, and a Bar.

Q30. Do you offer an extra discount for reservations online?

Ans. If you pay through Zellepay, Cash app, or Venmo, we offer a 5% discount on every reservation, whether you booked online or via call or text. We also provide discount coupons for special events and occasions for every customer.

Q31. Are there any hidden fees I should be aware of?

Ans. No, Black Car Everywhere always offer flat rates, including all taxes. There are no hidden charges at the end of the ride to surprise you.

Q32. Are there any additional charges for extra passengers?

Ans. When you book a ride for yourself or your family, we always assign a vehicle according to your passenger count and luggage count. If you want to add any extra passenger at the pickup time, we don’t charge extra if the vehicle has the capacity and the driver allows it.

Q33. Can I make special requests for the limousine, such as decorations or specific amenities?

Ans. Black Car Everywhere always offers well-equipped vehicles with amenities for your travel needs. You can also tailor your ride according to your requirements and needs, like charging pods, interior decorations, car seats, beverage availability, and anything you want to add on.

Q34. Do you offer Military Discount?

Ans. Yes! We offer a 5% Military Discount for Military Persons and their families.

Q35. Is there a minimum rental period for the limousine?

Ans. There is no minimum rental period for Point-to-Point Services.

For Hourly/Charter Services, a Sedan and SUV’s rental period is a minimum of 2 hours; for Stretch Limo and Sprinter Vans is a minimum of 3 hours; and for Party buses, a minimum of 4 hours.

Q36. Is a deposit required to secure the Booking?

Ans. We charge a 25% deposit on the booking time, and the rest will be charged on the day of the Service.

Q37. Can I play my music in the limousine?

Ans. Yes! You can request your driver to play your favourite music in the vehicle and provide your music playlist to the driver to play for you. You can tailor your ride according to your requirements.

Q38. Can I request a specific driver for my limousine rental?

Ans. Black Car Everywhere caters to fulfilling all the requirements of our prestigious Passengers; all our drivers are well-trained, professional and licensed. But if you have an excellent experience with a specific driver and feel comfortable travelling with that driver again, you can request a particular driver.

Q39. What are the driver’s experience and qualifications?

Ans. We only hire drivers with proper driving training, licence, and chauffeur training. We check their backgrounds thoroughly to ensure that they are not involved in illegal activities and are not drug addicts to ensure your safety and security.

Q40. Can I make additional stops during the rental period?

Ans. In Hourly as Directed Service, you can make as many stops as you want. But if you are availing Point-to-Point Service and wish to make any additional stops, please contact our 24/7 available agents; they will guide you about the fare of other stops according to miles and instruct your driver to take care of you, as you wish.

Q41. How can I contact customer service for the limousine rental company?

Ans. Our vigilant staff of Customer Care Service is available 24/7 for your assistance. If you have any query about the ride, discomfort during the ride, or any complaint about the driver, don’t hesitate to contact our customer service; they are more than happy to resolve your complaint.

Q42. Is there a minimum age requirement for renting a limousine?

Ans. We offer our services to everyone. But only kids are not allowed to travel alone if they don’t have any assistance from an adult.

Q43. What is the maximum number of passengers that can be accommodated in the limousine?

Ans. The passenger count may vary according to the model & size of the vehicle.

Vehicles capacity

-A Sedan can easily accommodate passengers.

-An SUV can accommodate passengers.

-A Limo Stretch can accommodate passengers.

-An Executive Sprinter Van can accommodate 13 passengers.

-A Party Sprinter can accommodate 15 passengers.

-A Mini Bus can accommodate 23 passengers.

-A Party Bus can accommodate 26 passengers.

-A Motor Coach can accommodate 55 passengers.

Q44. Is there a limit on the luggage count I can bring in the limousine?

Ans. The passenger count and luggage count may vary according to the size and model of the vehicle. Always notify your service provider about your baggage count so they can arrange the Car accordingly.

Q45. Are there any hidden charges while booking online?

Ans. If you book online, you can see the easy instructions for scheduling your trip on the online portal. Once we get your reservation, we will accept it with a standard 20% gratuity. 

Also, if you have additional stops, our dispatcher will check the price according to miles, and a dispatcher will update you on the final price in the updated Email. There are no hidden charges. We have transparency for our reliable customers.

Q46. Do you offer any Promotions & Discounts on Special Occasions?

Ans. We take care of our beloved customers with the best promotions on special occasions like Weddings, Proms, New Year, Thanksgiving & Valentine’s day. We have a 5% discount if you use us for the first time, and we give a 10% discount if you serve the United States.

Q47. How do you Assist Senior Citizens and their wheelchairs?

Ans. We at Black Car Everywhere have one of the best Licensed and professional chauffeurs. If you are hiring our Limo for some senior citizen along with his wheelchair, our well-trained Chauffeur helps the passenger to sit on the seat and takes care of the wheelchair in the Car’s boot.

Q48. Do the Chauffeur helps the passenger with their bags?

Ans. Our chauffeurs are respected for their professionalism, punctuality, and industry knowledge. Providing you with safe chauffeur transportation. All the vehicles are sanitized and get disinfected after each ride. Our well-trained chauffeurs are always on time to pick up the customer and help passengers with their bags if they go to and from the Airports.

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