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Boise, Idaho, United States

About Boise:

Boise, the capital city of Idaho, is a vibrant and growing city located in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States.

Economy: Boise has a diverse economy driven by industries such as technology, healthcare, manufacturing, and agriculture.

Education: Boise offers excellent educational opportunities, with Boise State University and a well-regarded public school system.

Food: Boise’s food scene is diverse and exciting, with a mix of local and international cuisines. The downtown area is a hotspot for food lovers, featuring numerous dining options and vibrant farmers’ markets.

Landmarks: The famous landmarks include Boise River Greenbelt, Old Idaho Penitentiary, Idaho State Capitol, Boise Art Museum, and Julia Davis Park.

Weather: Boise experiences a semi-arid climate with four distinct seasons. Summers are typically hot and dry, and winters are cold. Spring and fall are mild and pleasant.

Culture: Boise has a rich cultural scene, with numerous theaters, galleries, and music venues. The city hosts several annual events and festivals, such as the Treefort Music Fest, Boise Art in the Park, and the Idaho Shakespeare Festival.

Our Fleet

Nearby Airports From Boise

Boise Airport (BOI)

- Distance: Located in Boise
- Travel Time: 15 minutes

Friedman Memorial Airport (SUN)

- Distance: 150 miles
- Travel Time: 2 hours and 45 minutes

Magic Valley Regional Airport (TWF)

- Distance: 130 miles
- Travel Time: 2 hours and 30 minutes

Top Routes

Routes Travel Time (Mile) Routes Travel Time (Mile)
Boise >> Nampa 30 minutes, (20 miles) Boise >> Meridian 20 minutes, (11 miles)
Boise >> Caldwell 35 minutes, (27 miles) Boise >> Eagle 20 minutes, (10 miles)
Boise >> Mountain Home 55 minutes, (45 miles) Boise >> Ontario 65 minutes, (55 miles)
Boise >> Twin Falls 140 minutes, (128 miles) Boise >> Sun Valley 180 minutes, (155 miles)

Best Places to Visit in Boise

Boise River Greenbelt

- Distance: Located within Boise
- Travel Time: Varies based on starting point

This 25-mile scenic pathway is perfect for biking, walking, and enjoying nature.

Boise Art Museum

- Distance: Located in downtown Boise
- Travel Time: 10 minutes

Situated in Julia Davis Park, this museum features contemporary art exhibits, educational programs, and a lovely sculpture garden.

Old Idaho Penitentiary

- Distance: 3 miles from downtown Boise
- Travel Time: 5-10 minutes by car

Explore this historic prison that operated from 1872 to 1973, now a museum with fascinating exhibits and guided tours.

Idaho State Capitol Building

- Distance: Located in downtown Boise
- Travel Time: 5-10 minutes by car

Visit the iconic Capitol building and learn about Idaho's history and government in a beautiful architectural setting.

Zoo Boise

- Distance: Located in Julia Davis Park
- Travel Time: 5-10 minutes by car

This family-friendly zoo features a wide range of animals, interactive exhibits, and conservation education programs.

Camel’s Back Park

- Distance: 2 miles
- Travel Time: 10 minutes by car

A popular park with hiking trails, playgrounds, and scenic views of the Boise foothills, perfect for outdoor enthusiasts and families.

Convenient Boise Car Service

Experience the ease and reliability of Boise car service. We offer prompt and professional airport service, ensuring you arrive at Boise Airport on time and stress-free. Our car service covers a wide service area, making your transportation needs in Boise, ID, hassle-free.

Whether you’re heading to a business meeting, a special event, or just around town, our dedicated team is committed to providing excellent service every time.

Professional Chauffeur Service:

Our professional chauffeurs are the backbone of our service, they are trained to deliver exceptional service and ensure a smooth ride to your destination. Our chauffeurs are experienced, courteous, and dedicated to your satisfaction.

From handling your luggage to ensuring timely arrivals, they take care of all your transportation needs, making every journey pleasant and worry-free.

Chauffeur oening door
Handsome chauffeur driving luxury car

Luxurious and Comfortable Vehicles:

Travel in style with our luxurious and comfortable vehicles at pocket-friendly rates. Our transfer service fleet includes a range of high-end cars designed to offer maximum comfort and sophistication. You can book according to your travel needs from Sedans, SUVs, Limos, Sprinters, and Party Buses.

Whether it’s a ride to the airport, a dinner date, or attending proms and weddings, our vehicles are perfect for all occasions. Arrive at your destination relaxed and ready, thanks to our commitment to providing only the best.

Real-time Flight Tracking:

Stay on schedule with our real-time flight tracking services. We ensure that we monitor your flight status, allowing us to adjust your pick-up time accordingly.

This service guarantees that you never have to wait, whether your flight is early, delayed, or on time. Trust us to be there when you need us, ensuring a seamless airport service experience.

Point-to-Point Transfers to and from Boise Airport:

Enjoy the convenience of our point-to-point transfers to and from Boise Airport. Black car service provides direct, efficient transportation, taking you exactly where you need to go without unnecessary stops.

Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, our service ensures you reach your destination promptly and comfortably, offering the best in transportation services.

Hourly Rentals for Special Events:

Make your special events unforgettable with our hourly rentals. Black Car Everywhere is perfect for weddings, proms, parties, and other significant occasions.

With our professional chauffeurs at your service, you can enjoy every moment without worrying about transportation. Our flexible booking options and commitment to excellent service make us the ideal choice for all your event transportation needs.


FAQs About Boise Black Car Service

Boise is known for its vibrant downtown, outdoor recreational activities, strong economy, and being the home of Boise State University.

Yes, Boise is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts, activities include hiking and biking, kayaking, rafting, skiing and snowboarding.

Popular events and festivals in Boise include the Treefort Music Fest, Boise Art in the Park, the Idaho Shakespeare Festival, and the Boise Farmers Market.

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