Alcatraz Attractions

Alcatraz is a famous place in California called “The Rock.” It was a tough prison for Bad criminals such as AI Capone, who were kept from 1834 to 1963. This prison had very strict rules and regulations and torture for the prisoners. It had isolation cells and was surrounded by harsh water, which made it hard for prisoners to escape. 

But some prisoners also tried to escape it. One of the most famous attempts happened in 1962. Three guys disappeared and were never found. The prisoner closed in 1963 because it became the cause or running of many prisoners. So, in 1972, it became a part of the big park, and now the National Park is taking care of it.

Now, it has become a visiting place for tourists to see the cells and the prison yards and hear about the daily lives of the prisoners and guards. Alcatraz is a vital part of American history. Through it, we learn about how the justice system used to work. 

The island has strange and mysterious vibes that attract people. The People find it exciting and also want to explore more and visit. Here, you learn about the past of prisoners who tried to make attempts to break free.

Alcatraz Attractions: A Historical Perspective:

Alcatraz Attractions
Alcatraz Attractions: Island of Alcatraz

Here is the history of the Alcatraz from its discovery;

1775 – Pelican Island Discovery:

The Spanish found this place in the San Francisco Bay as a small rocky with many strange-looking birds. They named it The Island Alcatraces, which means “strange birds” in Spanish. After that, over time, it was changed to Alcatraz. When you are exploring, keep an eye on the flying creatures, especially strange-looking birds.

1850 – Fort Alcatraz:

This island was turned into Fort Alcatraz Island to protect and keep San Francisco Bay safe. But before this, it was a Military Fort and later became a military prison.

1854 – First Lighthouse in California:

California was the first lighthouse built on Alcatraz to help ships find their way.

1934 – 1963 Alcatraz as tough prison:

It became the super tough prison for dangerous criminals for the last 30 years, from 1934 to 1963.

1969 –  Native American Occupation:

From late 1969 to mid-1971, Native Americans took over and lived on the island.

1972 – Golden Gate National Recreation Area:

The government made the big area called Golden Gate National Recreation Area in 1972, and at that time, The Alcareaz was becoming part of it. Now it is a fantastic place to visit for everyone and also to learn about the history of this prison and its prisoners. 

Guided Audio Tour of Alcatraz:

When you get to Alcatraz Island, you first have to take an audio tour of Alcatraz. It is like a story time, told by people living there in that past time, including guards and inmates. Pictures and interactive tools also help you understand the prisoner’s past, a fantastic way to make your tour extraordinary. 

The audio tour of Alcatraz is a great way for tourists to learn and know about the prisoners’ history. It is like a guide telling you stories in your ear about this place and helping you explore it more. The tour is adventure-like; you’ll have a real-time guided assistant with you who tells you about the timelines of events in the past of the prisoners. 

They are sharing with you exciting things about the prisoner’s past and the life of the people who stayed there at that time. It is a tour of about two hours, and you can listen to it in different languages.

Tour the Cell Houses:

Alcatraz Attractions
Alcatraz Attractions: Prison Cells

The Alcatraz Cell House is a huge Attraction on the island that everyone loves to see. This exhibit lets you learn some interesting information about the prisoner’s history. You go back to the 1940s and 1950s to see how inmates lived.  Visit the cell blocks, hear about the most famous prisoners, and check the prisoner’s library, mess halls, and other vital spots.

The Cell House is the central place where prisoners live in Alcatraz. It is the most amazing thing to visit. You can walk around it, learn about where they eat, and see unique rooms for punishments called “The Hole.” It is a bit ghosty, but it will help you understand the harsh life of the island’s prisoners that made them run from this place. 

Explore the Alcatraz Museum:

Here are many exhibitions that tell you all about the story of Alcatraz. It takes all things from the time of Americans to the time when it was the tough fort for the prisoners. You will also learn about the plants and animals and how they manage all these things and keep the whole environment natural and calm. 

It is like a huge story of Alcatraz. The old and new industrial buildings fix the prisoners’ stuff and history. There are many things to explore and make your visit memorable; enjoy the tour and learn about Alcatraz!

Stroll Around Alcatraz Island:

It is not just a prison; it is like a home to many plants and animals. Once you finish checking it out, stroll around Alcatraz Island. Take a Walk around the island and enjoy the beautiful view of San Francisco Bay. 

You’ll see the outstanding and cool stuff like Lighthouse, Warden House, and other places. See the pacelines and seagulls that are living in that Place. You also find the groups of cormorants and egrets. It is a great destination to enjoy nature and some history about justice and law and the life of the prisoners.

Discover Alcatraz Island Lighthouse:

It is the very first Lighthouse of the United States on the West Coast. They first built it in 1854 and also later in 1909. They fixed it a lot and made it safe during earthquakes. The Lighthouse also played a Movie “Escape from Alcatraz” in 1962. If you want to tour this lighthouse, you can go to the top of the island and have a guided tour.

From that location of the island, you will see the scenic view of Francisco Bay and the Golden Bridge. It feels like you are stepping back into that time of the past and enjoying the incredible sights. 

Discover the Alcatraz Island Gardens:

Alcatraz has the nickname “The Rock” Because it is a 225-acre rock. But at the start of the building with the residents of Fort Alcatraz, many people brought this soil to plant the gardens there. But now there are gardens scattered all over the island that look amazing and create scenic views for visitors. 

Military families, the prisoners, and prison staff planted and looked after them. Now, they are tended by the volunteers. This garden is really special for people who love plants. This garden is shown in the movie Escape from Alcatraz. 

This garden covers the whole height of the island. So, When you visit, you will see all the fantastic plants there, like succulents and trees that you find in Southern California and the Mediterranean.

Alcatraz Night tours and Behind the scenes tours:

  • Behind-the-scenes tour is a small guided group tour through the part of the island that is not normally open to visitors. Some things included in this tour are a Tunnel, an underground jail, Hidden doorways, and gardens.
  • Night tours offer talks, but tours are not provided during the day. The topic changes daily, and expert historians talk about these topics. This tour added a benefit for you during the visit. After dark, you can enjoy the sunset behind the Golden Gate Bridge and an incredible scenic view of the city skyline.

What is the best time to visit Alcatraz? Attractions:

  •  If we see the weather, mid-September through mid-November is a good time. At that time, Fog did not roll, and the winter rains never started, so you can easily plan a visit to avoid facing bad weather. So if you don’t have time on these days, you also plan on other days because the rest of the year also has mixed weather. There are often gorgeous sunny days in winter, spring, and Summer. Summer days can quickly be chilled if the fog rolls in. But dressing in layers greatly protects you to avoid the chilled Air, and it is a good idea in San Francisco.
  • If we see the time as daytime or nighttime, which is the best option to visit, early morning can be a good time for you if you want to face less crowding. The day can be perfect if you want to enjoy your visit on a warmer day with sunny skies. Your pictures were awesome on the sunny, gorgeous day.

You can also visit there at night, so there are no time limits you can go any time of the day if you want to spend a whole day or mid-day there. It is your choice. But keep in mind the last time of peir33.

Is Alcatraz Gosty or Not?

Some say that some reporters hear the voices crying or moaning from the empty cells. There’s also a mysterious story that a prison in Cell 14D died after screaming that A ghost was killing him. People who visited Cell14D also said that they felt super cold there.

At the same time, some people said it was just a cold wind blowing through the Cell house. So, maybe there is a ghost on Alcatraz or just the cold air blowing there. It is spooky and a little mysterious, which is why some people who love these adventures and want to explore them visit Alcatraz at night timing. 

Alcatraz famous inmates:

Among the 1,545 men sent there, some of them were famous at that time:

“Scarface” Capone, George, “Machine Gun,” Kelly, Arthur, “Doc,” Barker, Alvin, “Creepy Karpis,” “Karpavicz, Robert,” “The Birdman,” Stroud, Ellsworth, “Bumpy,” Johnson, Meyer, “Mickey,” Cohen

How to get to Alcatraz?

Here are a few ways to get into the Alcatraz

1- Get a ticket for Alcatraz:

First of all, you should buy a ticket in a timely. It is most important to book your ticket in advance, especially when booking during peak time, as the Alcatraz tour may fill up quickly. For online booking, you can visit the official website of the Alcatraz. Use other trusted ticket providers to purchase your ticket to this fantastic place. 

2- Take a Ferry:

There is a primary way to get into Alcatraz, which is a Ferry from Pier 33 in San Francisco. The Ferry departs daily and regularly. This ride offers a unique experience and a scenic view of the city.

3- Transportation Options To Reach Alcatraz:

You have three transportation options here that are as followers:

  • By Ferry: Ferries to Alcatraz are available from Pier 33. You can book it in advance and enjoy the ride with an incredible view of the island.
  • By Public transportation: You use public transportation like buses or cable cars to reach the Navy Pier. You can also check the local transportation schedule to arrive at this location.
  • Limo service: If you want a comfortable and luxurious ride and travel privately, you can get the limousine service, where you can book the luxury vehicle with a chauffeur who will take you to that location full of protocol to enjoy the ride.
Alcatraz Attractions
Visit Alcatraz Attractions by traveling in a luxurious limo service.

4- The important thing to keep in mind before you visit:

  • Walking surfaces are uneven, so wear comfortable shoes to easily walk on the rocky surface.
  • You must bring a sweatshirt or jacket because the fog rolls through the Golden Gate and heads straight to Alcatraz.
  • Bring less stuff that has become a hassle for you to carry because there are no lockers and storage facilities.
  • There are food or beverage services, so bring the food, snacks, or fruits you want to carry with you. It’s up to you, take them and enjoy your visit.
  • Wheelchairs are not available here.

It is an exciting and mysterious place, and that’s why it attracts people the most.it is the combination of nature and history. Your visit will be fun, and you will learn a lot from it. Who can imagine that a 19th-century fort and old prison would become such a fantastic place and a famous place to visit?

Maybe it has a fascinating history, an island with scenic views, and a ferry boat ride on the San Francisco Bay. It is a great place to spend time and learn about the history and harsh life of the prisoners. Please don’t forget your camera and comfy shoes you are going for a good and memorable visit!

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