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Houston is 165 miles east of Austin, 88 miles west of the Louisiana border, and 250 miles south of Dallas, and located in Southeast Texas near Galveston Bay and the Gulf of Mexico, comprising a total area of 637.4 square miles; over 599.59 square miles are covered by land, and 22.3 square miles are covered by water. Land investors founded the city of Houston on August 30, 1836, and incorporated it as a city on June 5, 1837.

Houston is named after former General Sam Houston, president of the Republic of Texas. Houston’s population is about 2,304,580 per the census of 2020. It is also the center of administration of the Greater Houston metropolitan area. In addition, Houston is the southeast anchor of the greater megaregion of the Texas Triangle. Houston is ranked as the ninth-most expansive city in the United States.

As the 20th century started, it brought a confluence of economic factors that caused rapid growth in Houston’s economy. In the mid of 20th century, Houston’s economy was miscellaneous because of the Texas Medical Center, considered one of the world’s largest healthcare and research institutions, and NASA’s Johnson Space Center, which is home to the Mission Control Center.

The Port of Houston stands first in the United States in international waterborne tonnage handled. Houston’s climate is classified as humid subtropical. Prevalence winds bring heat and moisture from the nearby Gulf of Mexico and Galveston Bay. In summers, temperatures reach 90 °F. Houston generally receives ample rainfall, averaging about 49.8 annually.

Houston enjoys the nicknames “Bayou City,” “Space City,” “H-Town,” and “the 713”. Houston is a globally famous city with strengths in culture, medicine, and research and is also known as home to many cultural institutions, nineteen museums, galleries, and community spaces. Houston had the tallest skyline in North America at the fifth number. A continuation of skyscrapers was built throughout the 1970s.


In 1902 the first Limousine was invented and initially used for the transportation of famous people like celebrities and executives. A limousine is a large, luxurious, and comfortable chauffeur-driven luxury vehicle with a partition between the driver and passenger compartment. A long-wheelbase, four doors luxury Sedan driven by a chauffeur is called a Stretch Limousine.

In some countries, airport shuttle services are often called limousine services though they often use minibusses. The Limousine is considered a symbol of high-class status in the fancy world. Limousines are rented for weddings, airport transfers, and other celebrations in many parts of the world.

The passenger compartment has many amenities like an intercom, Music System, LCD, DVD, Opera lights, Bar, Comfortable Seats, Reclining Area, Air Conditioner, Heating System, Icebox, and Climate control system. which makes you feel like a celebrity. Limousines are usually used on Airport transfers, Weddings, Receptions, Prom nights, Birthday Parties, and Business Meetings.

Limousine is the best way to explore Houston city with a safe, luxurious, and comfortable journey. Types of Limousines

Explore Houston City With Limo Car Service
Explore Houston City With Limo Car Service

VIP Sedan (3 Passengers and 3 Suit Cases)

VIP SUV (6 Passengers and 5 Suit Cases)

Mercedes Benz (3 Passengers and 3 Suit Cases)

Stretch Limousine (8 Passengers and 5 Suit Cases)

Mercedes-Sprinter / Party and Executive VAN (12 to 14 Passengers and 12 Large Suit Cases)

Mini Bus (23 Passengers)

Motor Coach (55 Passengers)


If you are in Houston for traveling purposes and business meetings and want to explore Houston city with limo car service or looking for an exciting day trip, here, you’ll find something for everyone. Houston is famous for dining out, fantastic shopping, full-time entertainment, and exciting nightlife. As the country’s fourth-largest city by population, you may find something for everyone in Houston regarding the best things to do in Houston.

There are many things to see in Houston downtown. Here are the top 10 things to see in Houston texas that are explained as followers, and when you should must visite Houston to see these things and attractions.


Space Center is a science museum that also serves as the official visitor center of NASA Johnson Space Center in Houston, which opened in 1992. The Museum is spread over 250,000 square feet and displays over 400 space artifacts. Starship Gallery in Space Center has an artifact display that includes

-Three flown spacecraft

-Moon rocks

-Mercury 9 capsule

-Gemini 5 capsule

-Apollo 17 Command Module America

-Lunar Module

-Lunar Roving Vehicle

-Lunar Samples

-Lunar touchstone


-A Destiny Theater

-A Talon Park has a pair of NASA T-38 Talon jets.

Space Center has an Astronaut Gallery that showcases a comprehensive collection of spacesuits, and a Space Center Theater, a five-story tall 4K resolution theater.


The Museum of Natural Science is located on the northern border of Hermann Park in Houston, established in 1909 by the Scientific Society. The organization aims to provide a free institution focusing on education and science for Houstonians. A total of over two million visitors visit here every year.

The museum complex comprises worth seeing Natural Science Halls, the Burke Baker Planetarium, the Cockrell Butterfly Center, and the Wortham Giant Screen Theatre. The Museum of Natural Sciences is among the most popular in the United States.


Hermann Park is an inner-city park in Houston, Texas, spread over 445 acres and situated at the southern end of the Museum District. Hermann Park is the center of various cultural institutions like the Houston Zoo, Miller Outdoor Theatre, Houston Museum of Natural Science, and the Golf Course. The park also features Pools, numerous gardens, picnic areas, and Lake. The golf course here is one of Houston’s oldest and the first golf course in the country. It was redesigned in 1997.


Downtown Aquarium is a marvelous aquarium for the public located on a 6-acre site at 410 Bagby Street in downtown Houston. You can find over 200 species of aquatic animals here in 500,000 US gallons. The complex includes two restaurants, a bar, and a banquet facility.

It offers programs like Marine Biologist for a Day, Zoologist for a Day, Sea Safari Camp, overnight stays, the Diving Bell Ferris Wheel, and an aquatic-themed carousel outside. Shark Voyage, a two-foot train ride, is the first electric CP Huntington train. There are two additional rides: Lighthouse Dive and the Frog Hopper ride.


The second most visited Houston Zoo in the US covers an area of 55 acres in Hermann Park. It provides a fun-filled, unique, inspirational, and knowledgeable experience for the natural world to growing kids. In the zoo, you may find over 6,000 animals from more than 600 species, and it receives 2.1 million visitors annually.


Children’s Museum Houston is a children’s Museum in Houston, Texas, founded in 1980 and designed by Denise Scott Brown and Robert Venturi. It offers different kinds of exhibitions and bilingual learning programs for children aged 0-12. It is one of the most famous 190 children’s museums in the United States. Children’s Museum is designed to accommodate 350,000 annual visitors. Children’s Museum was awarded the first rank in 2005 by, and Parents magazine rated it “America’s No. 1 Children’s Museum.


The tunnel system in Houston is a network of underground pedestrian walkways that link 20 feet below Houston’s downtown streets. Houston Tunnel is approximately six miles long. There are similar systems, too, in Chicago, Dallas, Oklahoma City, Montreal, and Toronto. The Tunnel system refers to a series of underground passageways linking hotels, banks, corporate and government offices, restaurants, and retail stores.

In addition, different portions of the tunnel contain gift shops, newsstands, banks, technology centers, flower shops, copy centers, dry cleaners, and food courts, similar to a major shopping mall.


Buffalo Bayou Park is located in Houston, Texas. It is a beautiful and natural place where you can escape the hustle and bustle of the city. People love to walk and ride bikes on the trails here.  But that’s not all you can also try many more fun activities like kayaking, Canoeing, and stand-up paddleboarding in the park.

Buffalo Bayou Park is like a big, green oasis in Houston. You can find it right in the city’s heart, and the calm buffalo Bayou River flows through it, making it a peaceful spot for the people. It has a trail surrounded by greenery and trees, making it perfect for walking and bike riding.


People love street art, which is also called Graffiti. You can discover unique and beautiful artworks all over the city. These incredible and unique art pieces on the walls of many buildings make Houston a fantastic place to drive around and see all the colorful wonders. Graffiti means painting or drawing on walls. It is like an explosion of creativity.

Houston is like a giant canvas filled with colorful masterpieces. Artists Use Walls as their Canvas to create something truly amazing. You’ll be amazed by the vibrant and eye-catching designs and colors.  You can find them all on the walls of various places like buildings and shops. For travelers, it will be a super fun activity.

You can plan a little road trip and see street art’s diverse and creative expressions. It is a different and wonderful way of sharing the artists’ ideas, stories, and talent that make the city a vibrant and lively place for the people.


The Gerald D. Hines Waterwall Park is a place you won’t want to miss in Houston. The main attraction is this incredible fountain. It is made of concrete, like a waterfall, but on a wall. Sheets of water flow down, creating a beautiful sight. The fountain is a work of art, adding a cool touch to this setup.

Sheets of water gracefully wash down walls, making it a breathtaking sight. Combining the concrete and flowing water creates a unique and aesthetic atmosphere and a lively sight for the visitors. Describing the beauty of the Park is tricky because it’s beyond words. You have to see it with your own eyes to appreciate how stunning and special it is truly.

Explore Houston City With Limo Car Service
Explore Houston City With Limo Car Service

Limo car service Houston and explore Houston city with limo car service. It offers a variety of services like Airport Transportation Service. Wedding Service, Prom Night Service, Birthday Party Service, Houston Tour, and many more. If you are traveling to Houston from any other city or state or want to somewhere from Houston, eliminate the hassle of massive traffic and long waiting for it, and don’t take the risk of missing your flight anymore.

Limo Car Service Houston converts your airport transfer into a comfort. It’s a good option for executive travelers; you sit back, relax, enjoy your journey, or send an essential E-Mail to someone. These services also track your flight and reach accordingly, so you do not wait too long.

Enjoy your hassle-free journey with luxuries and amenities. Limo Car Service Houston provides the vehicle with a trained and professional chauffeur who takes care of your travel needs while the ride and guides you around the city sightseeing if you are new in the area.

Limo Car Service Houston is specialized in providing a means of reliable and luxurious transport in the whole of Houston. They also provide a variety of fleets; all fleet vehicles are designed according to the latest technology. These vehicles are safe for travel needs, no matter how long your journey is.

Ride in Limo provides luxury and a style to arrive at the airport. All the chauffeurs undergo strict security and legal documentation checks, and their backgrounds regularly check that they are not in any illegal activity or are physically fit for driving. They are not addicted to drugs, so you do not need to worry about your safety.

Limo Car Service Houston ensures that their chauffeur will make your ride convenient. Limo Car Service Houston provides Airport Shuttle Service for any person or group; whether traveling solo, with family, or with a friend’s group, you will have an unforgettable trip with a professional chauffeur.

If you are finally in Houston, the fourth-largest city in America, and want to explore Houston within an intelligent budget but with luxury and comforts, Limo Car Service Houston is here to serve the best to explore Houston city with limo car service. Hire a reputable limo service to attain excellent offers and make your sightseeing enjoyable and unforgettable.

Explore Houston city with limo car service, it offers point-to-point service to meet the needs of passengers and Hourly services as directed by the passengers, as per their convenience. You can also tailor your ride per your demands and requirements and within your budget.

You may visit many famous landmarks and places worth seeing. You may book in advance for a more joyful and tension-free journey. Limo Services offers a wide range of well-maintained vehicle fleets like Sedans, Luxury Suburban, Mercedes S class, Stretch Hummer, Limo Buses, Shuttle Buses, and Motor Coaches with lots of amenities and luxuries.

Limo Car Service Houston provides you VIP vehicles with well-trained chauffeurs who know the city routes best and guide you skillfully about the nearest sightseeing places in Houston TX. If you want to spend a night out in Houston and explore Houston city with limo car service and the night beauty of Houston, Limo Car Service Houston makes your night out as unique as you are.

These services provide A-Class services at reasonable rates and offer different packages. In addition, limo Services provide a fleet of luxury vehicles equipped with amenities. Limo Car Services Houston is available 24/7. Limo Car Service Houston offers quality services with style and sophistication.


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