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In this article, find out the best ways to hire a Mercedes Sprinter limo and minibus rental in Chicago for any occasion and get expert opinions and tips. It will help you to book your next Sprinter limo service or minibus bus for the party.


The word ‘Chicago” comes from the Algonquin Language word “shikaakwa,” meaning “onion,” because Chicago was full of wild onions, leeks, and ramps at the start. Chicago is the third most populous city in the United States, located on Lake Michigan, with a population of 2,746,388 as of the 2020 census. As a city, it was incorporated in 1837 and increased in the mid-19th century.

Chicago is considered an international hub for cultural commerce, industry, education, technology, and transportation. In addition, Chicago is the home of the world’s largest metropolitan area. O’Hare International Airport in Chicago is ranked in the world’s top six busiest airports. The famous landmarks of Chicago include Millennium Park, the Navy Pier, the Magnificent Mile, the Art Institute of Chicago, Willis Tower, Grant Park, and Lincoln Park Zoo.

Travelers around the world travel to Chicago to explore new sights. Suppose you want to explore the beauty of Chicago with a group of friends and want to hire an executive ride with a large capacity of your luggage, so Sprinter Van and Mini Bus is the best option.


Minibus Rental in Chicago
Book Mercedes Sprinter or Minibus Rental in Chicago

Mercedes-Benz Group, Germany, builds the Mercedes-Benz. It is a light commercial vehicle. In starting, it was sold as Mercedes-Benz, Freightliner, and Dodge. In 2001, the U.S. launched the first generation of Sprinter, Initially branded Freightliner. In 2003, Daimler Chrysler introduced the Dodge version of the Sprinter, an identical version of Freightliners; later, Daimler chose to replace this version with the Sprinter.

The popularity of Mercedes Sprinter Vans has risen over the years, and you can see many types of Sprinter vans on the roads of Chicago. These Sprinters have come in a variety of lengths and sizes, and heights. Each dimension of Sprinter has a particular purpose of serving, and you may have diverse experiences with each size. The size of a Sprinter can range between 12-42 seaters; each size has different rent according to the seating capacity and amenities a Sprinter provides. These are the famous types of Sprinter vans;


Go for Party Sprinter or Minibus in Chicago if you want a perfect comfortable luxury. This luxury party sprinter has a black exterior and spacious interior accommodating several passengers. These Party Sprinters and Minibus Rental in Chicago are home with cozy sofa seats and each possible amenity you need during a road journey. These have ample space for party purposes but with comforts. You can rent these Party Sprinter vans for weddings, road trips, red carpets, and private parties. Birthday parties, concerts, bachelorette parties, and many more.


This version of Sprinter is heavy-duty and has ample cargo space. It is suitable for the transportation of heavy-duty types of equipment. These are proven to be reliable as compared to other cargo transportation. These cargo sprinters are made with quality to burden all weather conditions, and the good remains safe. These come in many sizes you can hire on rent at your convenience.


This type is more reliable and durable than all types of Sprinter vans. It has a section, one for seating passengers and the other for luggage or workstation. The bags or work area has no windows, so this style makes it different from other vans. Size is limited in this type, but you can hire as per your requirements.


Mercedes-Benz is a luxurious van, the name for traveling with comfort and style, with loads of rooms. It is best for 14 passengers traveling. Mercedes-Benz is used for special occasions like weddings, concerts, and sports events. Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van has amenities like;

Minibus Rental in Chicago
Book Mercedes Sprinter or Minibus Rental in Chicago

10-14 passengers seating

High back Seats


Tinted Glass Windows

Audio and Video Music Systems

Luggage Storage

Custom Fit Floor Liner


Attachable Desks

USB Ports

Apple TV


You may find many sprinter van rental services in Chicago. The 14-passenger Sprinter Van offers many amenities for the convenience of the passengers. A very comfortable quilted-leather sofa seat with a seatbelt for each passenger. Passengers’ cabin is equipped with an LCD and microphone, free periodicals are available in the van, and complementary cold water is provided.

Drinks may also be provided on request. A uniformed chauffeur provides all Sprinter vans. Executive people can use it for an official meeting’s venue transfer. For Wedding parties and venues, head to Prom Night venues, Nights out in the city, City tours, and many more.


Regarding group transportation, luxury cars, minibusses, and party bus rentals are excellent choices for smaller groups or those needing reliable transportation. Whether planning a wedding party, shuttling employees to job sites, or organizing a trip for student groups, the minibus offers everything you need for a comfortable and convenient journey.

These charter buses are equipped with climate control to ensure a pleasant ride, and their professional drivers prioritize safety measures for the entire group. With long-term rentals available, a mini bus rental is an excellent option for extended trips or several-day group events.

The executive minibus, a standard feature in the charter bus rental services fleet, provides an excellent option for those seeking a more upscale experience. So, no matter how many people are in your group, there’s a passenger minibus that can accommodate your needs and ensure a smooth and enjoyable charter bus travel experience.

Regarding group transportation, minibus rentals are a great option to consider. Whether planning a corporate outing, a family trip, or a social event, charter bus rentals offer the convenience and comfort you need. The minibusses in their fleet are equipped with climate control to ensure a pleasant journey regardless of the weather conditions.

With professional drivers at the helm, you can relax and enjoy the ride while they handle the logistics. The availability of different bus types, including the executive minibus, allows you to choose the one that best suits your needs and preferences.

Whether traveling with a small group or needing transportation for a larger gathering, minibus rentals provide a reliable and efficient solution. From day trips to week-long adventures, these charter buses are available for up to seven days, making them an excellent choice for various group events.

Regarding transportation services for small groups, minibus rentals are a great choice. With their passenger minibusses in the entire fleet, you can find the perfect size to accommodate your group’s needs. Whether planning a family outing, a business trip, or a social gathering, minibus rentals offer a convenient and comfortable solution.

The executive minibus, a luxurious option in their lineup, adds elegance to your journey. With their reliable transportation services, you can rest assured that your group will be transported safely and efficiently. From airport transfers to sightseeing tours, mini bus rentals provide a versatile and convenient way to travel, ensuring a pleasant experience for all passengers.


A minibus is also known as a mini-coach, commuter, or microbus. It is also like a full-size bus. It has a seating capacity of 12-30 passengers. Chevrolet Suburban and Volkswagen were first-generation minibusses.

These minibusses are used for public transport, transit buses, shared taxis, and large taxicabs. You can use these buses for group or school tours, sports clubs, community groups, and charities. Minibusses come in micro and mid-size buses. here are the types of minibus in Chicago;

– Fiat Ducato

– Ford Transit

– Freight Rover Sherpa

– Gazelle

– Hyundai H350

– Iveco Daily

– Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

– Renault Master

– Toyota Hiace

– Volkswagen Crafter

– Tata Winger

Amenities in Minibuses

Minibusses are perfect for traveling together with a large group. Suppose you are approximately 25 passengers and want to travel together, so minibusses are the best option to travel together for having more fun. This rental minibus in Chicago offers many amenities like

Ample Legroom

Comfortable Reclining Seating

Overhead Storage


Power Plug

Air Conditioner


Minibus Rental in Chicago
Book Mercedes Sprinter or Minibus Rental in Chicago

If you want a reliable Sprinter Van Service in Chicago, many trustworthy rental companies provide reliable, luxury Sprinter van services with well-trained chauffeurs. These rental companies provide Sprinter vans, Mini Coaches, Sprinter Limos, Shuttle buses, Airport buses, and minibusses at budget-friendly rates. This rental Sprinter Van Services Chicago provides luxurious, classy, comfortable sprinters and minibusses.

You can choose according to your choice and about the passenger count. These companies provide a variety of vans for groups of 20, 30, 40, and 50-55 passengers. Sprinter Van Service Chicago provides luxury services, whether hired for Airport Transfers, Weddings, Prom Nights, Parties, Executive Meetings, or Sightseeing Tours with classy, professional service.

All the vehicles are loaded with amenities according to your traveling needs, and they are much more affordable, just like you wish. These Sprinter vans or Minibuses always strive to fulfill the passengers’ travel needs. The services inspect their vehicles keenly before sending them to ride on different occasions. All cars are disinfected before and after every ride, so there may not be any risk of germs contamination to the prestigious customers. They enjoy their trip thoroughly without any worry. These rental Sprinter Van or Minibuses in Chicago also provides shuttle service for different events and occasions.

Here are some types of Sprinter vans/Minibus Rental in Chicago and their specifications for you so that you can choose easily according to your needs and requirements;

  • 12Seater Sprinter———————- 12 seats—— TV/DVD player, Bench seating, Aux input
  • 15Seater Sprinter Van—————–15 seats——-Bench seating, TV/DVD player, AUX input
  • 9Seater Comfort Sprinter Van——-9 seats——– Captain chairs/bench seating, TV/DVD player, AUX input
  • Business Class Sprinter Van———- 9 seats———Captain chairs, LCD TV, SD-Card Reader, AUX input.
  • Executive Sprinter VAN————— 11 seats——- Captain chairs, LCD TV, Icebox for soda cans storage, Thermal Coffee Dispenser.
  • Crew Cargo Sprinter Van————– 6 seats——– 10ft Cargo space, Side windows.
  • Cargo Sprinter Van———————- 2 seats———14ft Cargo space, Without side windows and bench seating.
  • 8Seater Metris Minivan—————–8 seats———Bench seating, iPod interface, USB Connection.


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