Are You Looking To Find The PLACES TO VISIT IN CHICAGO? Chicago is derived from the word “Shikaakwa,” which is an “Algonquin” word that means “striped skunk” or “onion.” When Chicago was discovered, the surrounding ponds and rivers were full of onions, leeks, and ramps. That’s why it’s called Chicago. Are you looking to find places to visit in Chicago? Here we will let you know, how to find the places to visit in Chicago. John Baptiste Point du Sable was a French American explorer. He is said to be Chicago’s first local permanent resident and founder.

He also rehabilitated Chicago and settled the Chicago River. There are a lot of places to visit in Chicago for breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner. Chicago was ranked as a city in 1837 when its population reached 4,000. It has been the largest city in the West since the 1800 census. In 1848, Chicago received its first telegraph and railroad. Chicago covers an area of 606 km and has a population of 2.699 million, according to the 2020 census.


Chicago is located on the shores of Lake Michigan in Illinois. It is one of the largest cities in the United States and has been known for its architecture and art since the 16th century. In the past, Chicago was known for its skyscraper Home Insurance Building, a ten-story steel-framed building. It was built on La Salle and Adams streets and was demolished later in 1931.

Among its famous skyscrapers, the most notable are John Hancock Centre 1,451-ft, Willis Tower, and Neo-Gothic Tribune Tower. This city is also known for its “Art Institute of Chicago” museum.

This city is also famous for its animated art landscapes, cultural attractions, stunning shopping, beautiful beaches, and fascinating architecture that attracts tourists from all over the United States and the World. Famous Chicago architects are Louis Sullivan and Frank Lloyd Wright

Chicago is known for its many features. Some of them are Maxwell Street, Chicago-Style Pizza, Chicago-style hotdogs, Polish Sausages, Jazz Music, and 1920′ moments.

Chicago plays a significant role in the American economy, culture, and political history. Although Chicago has many labels like The Windy City, The City of Big Shoulder, and Chi-Town but the most famous one is The Second City, which has been going through evolutionary stages for years. Chicago’s most famous street is Michigan Avenue.

“Urbs in horto” or “City in a garden” is the motto of Chicago, adopted in 1830, and it points to the unique system of the city of Chicago.

Chicago is also very prominent on the playing field. Its popular sports include football, basketball, and baseball. Among its famous sports teams are “Chicago Bears in American Football,” “White Sox and Cubs in Baseball,” and “Chicago Bulls in Basketball.”

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Famous places to visit in Chicago

Here are some of Chicago’s most famous landmarks, thousands of tourists visit here every year to see these places.

  1. Art Institute of Chicago.

The world-famous Art Museum of Chicago has thousands and millions of specimens of art that are thousand years old. These specimens include photographs, sculptures, decorative art samples, and architectural drawings. The building of this museum was designed by Shepley, Rutan, and Coolidge in “Beaux-art style” in 1893 for World’s Columbian exposition. Its building continued to grow over time, and now it covers an area of 400,000 square feet. This Art Institute of Chicago is situated at 111 South Michigan Avenue in Chicago, Illinois.

  1. Millennium Park

The millennium park is part of Grant Park and is located Downtown. It is bounded on the West by Michigan Avenue, East to Columbus Drive, South by Randolph Street, and North by Monroe Street. The reason for the park’s fame is its Sculpture called “Cloud Gate .” It is made of stainless steel, and its surface is as shiny as a polished mirror. As a result, all the surrounding scenes appear to be reflected like buildings, the sky, and the tourists walking on its central arch.

Another important reason for this park’s fame is its Crown Fountain. This fountain is a modern version of ancient Gargoyles Fountains. It is made up of two fifty-foot-long blocks and is in the shape of a Tower, featuring the picture of Chicago residents on an LED screen. It deceives viewers’ eyes as if the fountain of water is coming out of the mouth of the citizen seen in the picture.

Another worth watching place is the Outdoor Concert Venue in Jay Pritzker Pavilion, open to the public all year round without any tickets, and people can join this concert. Walking in the Lurie Garden is also an exciting experience.

  1. Navy Pier

One of Chicago’s most important tourist attractions is Navy Pier. It opened in 1916 as a public recreation area. It covers an area of 50 acres and includes various gardens, shops, restaurants, and concert venues. The main attraction of the Navy Pier is 150 feet of Ferris Wheel and a historical Carousel. There is also a 3D Imax Theatre, where movies are shown to tourists.

Suppose you want to be refreshed and have a good effect on your health. In that case, there is also a 6-story Botanical Garden for you, it covers an acre area and different maps are provided for walking according to each season so that you can enjoy the beautiful views of nature. Chicago Children’s Museum is also on Navy Pier.

Various festivals are going on Navy Pier throughout the year, and this includes the festival in August. From here, cruise ships take many tourists to different places for sightseeing and recreation.

  1. Adler Planetarium

Adler Planetarium was built in 1930 on the bank of Lake Michigan and was the first Planetarium in Western Hemisphere. The exhibition here interests people of all ages, and many schools come here on trips. This Planetarium has two domed theaters that feature a variety of shows, most notably Chicago’s night sky search, the search of the Solar system, and the search for the Moon.

In addition, a wide range of shows cover topics such as “life on others planets.” They also show issues such as the history of scientific discipline, the history of astrology, meteors, and meteorites. This Planetarium offers a remarkable exhibition that provides information on the participation of Female astronomers and Islamic astronomers. There are also collections of Archeology of past astronomers. Skyline Walk is the best place of this Planetarium to take memorable pictures.

  1. Museum of Science and Industry

The Museum of Science and Industry was located in the northern part of Jackson Park in 1933. It is Chicago’s most spectacular museum and the first in America to incorporate the idea of a “Hands-on” exhibition. This museum houses many samples of Fine arts such as photography, prints, paintings, and sculptures.

In this museum, you will also have the opportunity to have many interesting experiences like “Navigation through Mirror Maze”, “opportunity to climb and jump on World War 11 Submarine”, “chance to run on human size Hamster Wheel,” “get a chance to land at Illinois coal mine,” “experience of seeing a 3D human beating Heart” and there are a lot of things that will appeal to you here.

  1. Willis Tower Sky Deck

The 110-storey Willis Tower was considered the world’s tallest office block until 1996. The views from here are incredible. One can see forty to fifty miles away from the towers on a bright day. The beautiful architecture of Chicago can be seen at a glance. The length of this building is up to 1000 feet.

On the 103rd floor of this Tower Sky Deck has been created to observe the whole area, which is 1,353 feet above the ground. From this Sky Deck comes out a box made of glass base and glass walls called Ledge. Standing in this glass Ledge, visitors can see the city below.

  1. Buckingham Fountain

This fountain was built in 1927 and is one of the largest fountains in the world and built in the famous Art Deco Style. Four seahorses surround the main fountain and represent the four states on the shores of Lake Michigan. This fountain runs from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m.

It has about 2000 nozzles that emit approximately 15,000 gallons of water per minute and this scene is very impressive. The running of the fountain with the lights on after sunset makes this scene very charming and worth seeing. This fountain is a special focus in Grant Park.

  1. 360 Chicago

The Chicago 360 is an observation deck, which is located on the 94th floor of the John Hancock Building. It is very easy to recognize because of its cross-braced steel design and Metallic look. Its magnificent glass walls overlook the whole of Chicago and four states.

The most adventurous feature for tourists that they are obsessed with is “Tilt.” This revolving platform introduces tourists to a unique kind of experience. This Tilt is a thousand feet above the ground. The rest of the building contains different shops, offices, and apartments.

  1. Field Museum of National History

This museum was built in Chicago in 1893 to display biological and human resources. Formerly known as the Columbian Museum of Chicago. It was later renamed the Field Museum of National History in 1905 an honor of Marshall Field because he was the museum’s biggest contributor.

This museum houses a collection of about 20 million artifacts from various fields of geology, biology, botany, and anthropology. Also on display are samples of cultures from ancient Egypt, North, Central, and South America. The most important about this museum is that it has the largest “Tyrannosaurus”. Throughout the year, the museum hosts a variety of exhibitions.

  1. Michigan Avenue 

Michigan Avenue is one of the most attractive Boulevards. Its famous landmarks include the John Hancock Building and Wrigley Building. In addition, this Avenue is known for its theaters, tourist attractions, musical concerts, and art. It is also famous for its Water Tower Park with its historic clock.

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