what are the best ways to get Midway airport from Milwaukee


Here, we will discuss what are the best ways to get Midway airport from Milwaukee, but the easiest and most convenient way is to take a limo for an airport transfer from Milwaukee.

Here are a few things what are the best ways to get Midway airport from Milwaukee

what are the best ways to get Midway airport from Milwaukee
what are the best ways to get Midway airport from Milwaukee

1. Make sure to book your limo in advance so that you can be sure to get a ride.

2. When you book your limo, be sure to specify your pickup location in Milwaukee.

3. Be aware that traffic can be heavy around Midway Airport, so plan your travel time accordingly.

4. Once you arrive at Midway Airport, your limo driver will drop you off at your specified terminal.


The Milwaukee name comes from the Algonquian word that means ‘pleasant land”. Milwaukee is the most populous city in Wisconsin, with a population of 577,222 per the census of 2020, and the 31st largest in the U.S, covering an area of 96.80 square miles. World Cities Network categorized it as a “Gamma-Global City.” Milwaukee is the main Cultural and Economical metropolitan center and is considered a diverse city because of its culture.

Milwaukee is famous for the Medical College of Wisconsin, UW-Milwaukee, Marquette University, and many other colleges. Milwaukee is also known for its two major sports teams, “The Bucks” and “The Brewers.” In addition, Milwaukee is situated in a location suitable for sailing, boating, and kayaking on Lake Michigan and has ethnic dining and cultural festivals. In 2009 it became the “Innovating City,” and a Water Council was also formed here to develop policies regarding the protection and utilization of fresh water.

There are approximately 3,000 water fountains in Milwaukee. Milwaukee lies along the shore of Lake Michigan and three rivers the “Menomonee,” “Kinnickinnic, ” and “Milwaukee.” Root River and Lincoln Creek rivers also flow through Milwaukee city. You may find many fun seek places in Milwaukee to have a great day spent, like;

Old World Wisconsin

Milwaukee County Zoo

Racine Zoo

Milwaukee Public Museum

Betty Bain Children’s Museum

Bristol Renaissance Faire

Shalom Wildlife Zoo

Wehr Nature Center

Milwaukee Pierhead Lighthouse

North Point Water Tower


Midway Airport is also a commercial airport on the southwest side of Chicago, established in 1927, and lies 12 miles away from Loop Business District and covers an area of 320-acre. Before the opening of O’Hare Airport in 1955, it served as the primary Airport in Chicago, but now it is the second busiest Airport in Chicago and served almost 20,844,860 passengers in 2019. in starting, it was known as Chicago Municipal Airport, but later, in honor of the Battle of the Midway in 1949, it was renamed and known as Midway Airport. It has five runways, 43 gates, and three concourses in total.

Concourse A has 17 gates.

Concourse B has 23 gates

Concourse C has 3 gates


how to get Midway airport from Milwaukee
how to get Midway airport from Milwaukee

If you know how to get Midway airport from Milwaukee you can enjoy several amenities at Midway Airport that help you travel comfortably and relax.

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– There are Mother Rooms for lactating mothers to help them to calm their babies.

– In Gym, you can have a relaxing time through meditation and exercises.

In addition, various restaurants help you to deal with instant cravings for delicious food.

– Different Hotels are situated near Midway Airport to have a nap or some relaxation if you have a layover between flights.

– You can fulfill your aesthetic sense desire by visiting the ‘The Battle of Midway” exhibition at the Airport.

– ATMs are located at Concourses A and B, so you may n need to worry about cash withdrawals.

– The Passengers traveling to other countries or coming from other countries have the facility of Money Exchange at Concourse A.

– You can Enjoy free Wi-Fi at Midway Airport to entertain yourself during the waiting time or to do some important job at that time.

– At the Lost and Found Section, you can submit any lost item of any passenger you found or inquiry about your lost thing at the Airport.

– Rest Rooms are available at every terminal for every gender.

– Car Parking is also available at Midway Airport to safely park your vehicles.

– Meet & Greet Services are also provided at Airport to go through all the airport formalities easily and without hassle.

– Special facilities for Persons with Disabilities are also provided at Midway Airport, like wheelchair assistants, lifts for wheelchairs, and TTY telephones for deaf and hard-of-hearing people.

– Midway Airport has many shops like toy shops, gift shops, and music shops.

– Shuttle service is also provided at Midway Airport through terminals to nearby hotels.

– Baggage Carts are also available to transfer your luggage to Airport safely.


You were in Milwaukee and, after having lots of fun, want to reach the Midway to get back to your destination or want to visit any other beautiful sightseeing place in the U.S. from Midway Airport, so here are some best ways to get to the Midway Airport;


Milwaukee is approximately 154 km away from Midway Airport, and it takes almost 1 hour and 50 minutes to reach, and it costs you almost $18 – $26 as fuel cost. However, you can easily find parking at Midway Airport to park your vehicle safely.


Milwaukee offers many public transportation options for you to get anywhere quickly. Buses from Milwaukee to Downtown and Midway Airport and all Milwaukee runs. You can download the MCTS app to get around information on routes and bus tracking, and even you can book tickets through the app. It will take almost 2 hours by bus to reach Midway and cost you almost $10 – $50.

It will take almost 33 minutes by subway and cost you almost $2 – $5.


Many town car provider companies provide rental car services 24/7, 365 days a year, with many facilities and amenities and safely reach Midway Airport. It will take almost 1 hour and 50 minutes and cost you almost $230 – $320.


Famous rideshare apps Uber and Lyft are both operating in Milwaukee to provide safe rides at reasonable prices to get to the Midway Airport. It will cost you almost $250 – $400 to get to the Airport, and the cost varies according to the vehicle size and services you are taking during the ride.


how to get Midway airport from Milwaukee
how to get Midway airport from Milwaukee

Many executive limo service provider companies provide luxury and comfortable rides to reach midway Airport from Milwaukee; these services differ from the regular taxi/cab provider services. These trustworthy rental services make you feel executive while on the ride. The rides provide by companies are complete with amenities like Wi-Fi, LCD, Music system, Leather sofa seats, cup or glass holders, bar, car seat, and many other facilities according to your traveling needs. These Limo cars are with uniformed Chauffeur, who are well-trained and well-behaved.

They know precisely how to take care of their customers during the journey, and you can say they are the best travel partners as they are well aware of the weather and traffic conditions around your routes. They also know the best alternative ways to your route in case of any emergency. They try their best to make you feel as comfortable as your vehicle. The services also provide you with meet and greet services on your request. You can also tailor your ride according to your travel needs on a very reasonable budget.

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