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Are you planning a Bachelor Party? Why not try something different? Let’s try part on the wheels. It’s a unique way to celebrate your Bachelor, and you can create more memories this way. We have party buses and stretch limos for your Chicago Bachelor party. 

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What is a Bachelor Party? How to enjoy the Chicago Bachelor Party?

A bachelor party is a celebration in honor of a man about to get married. Friends and close family members typically organize it. The purpose of this party is to give the groom a memorial and fun send-off into married life. 

Here is a unique way to enjoy your bachelor party. The Party bus will be the best and most unique option if you’re a group of boys. You can plan a trip to the groom’s favorite place while doing a party on the bus. We can have fun and play games, you will feel at home. Party buses come with sofa seating, so you would think you are traveling somewhere.

If you book our service hourly, you can take how many stops you want. With point-to-point service, you must inform us of every additional holiday, which will cost extra.  Here are some of the destinations where you will love to do a party:

Evanston: Charming Sophistication

Evanston offers many places to visit while doing a party on wheels. Although you can book our party bus on an hourly basis, we do offer point-to-point service. You can choose it accordingly. We offer our Chicago Bachelor party bus for just $335 for a stretch limo, $523 for a party sprinter van, and $993 for a Party bus. Here are some of the places that you can visit while parting on the Bus:

  1. Anheuser-Busch
  2. Sketchbook Brewing Company

Naperville: Suburban Chicago

From Naperville for just $ for a sedan and $110 for an SUV. You can get our party bus to and from Naperville, IL, from downtown Chicago for just $1012 for a Party bus $699 for a minibus, and $435 for a stretch limo. Here are some places that you can visit:

  1. Sports Bar
  2. Upscale Bar
  3. ACME Chophouse & Wine Bar
  4. Brick & Mortar Tavern
  5. Sole Proprietor

Arlington Heights: A night of entertainment

Black Car Everywhere offers a party bus service to and from Arlington for just $95 for a sedan and $110 for an SUV. Here are some places to visit while you visit Arlington, IL, doing a party on the bus. From downtown Chicago to Arlington, IL for just $1005 for a Party bus $648 for a minibus, and $400 for a stretch limo.

  1. D.O.C. Wine Bar
  2. P.J. Clarke’s
  3. The Tap House Grill & Sports Bar
  4. Crobar 
  5. Miller’s Ale House


Oak Park: Architectural Marvels

Oak Park is also a great place to visit. Black Car Everywhere also offers point-to-point service to Oak Park for just $989 for a Party bus for a limo just $500 and $525 for a minibus. Here are some of the places worth watching.

  1.  Pete’s Tavern
  2. Lake Street Pub

Top Routes from Downtown Chicago

Routes Travel Time (Mile) Routes Travel Time (Mile)
STL >> St. Louis 30 minutes, (14 miles) STL >> Clayton 25 minutes, (10 miles)
STL >> Chesterfield 35 minutes, (18 miles) STL >> St. Charles 20 minutes, (08 miles)
STL >> Belleville 35 minutes, (20 miles) STL >> Edwardsville 45 minutes, (30 miles)
STL >> Granite 35 minutes, (20 miles) STL >> O’Fallon 45 minutes, (30 miles)

How To Explore Chicago for Chicago Bachelor Party?

Chicago has a lot to offer for a bachelor party. With so many options, you will find something to make your bachelor party memorable.

  1. Wrigleyville: If you’re a baseball fan, Wrigleyville is a must-visit. Catch a Cubs game, or just bar hop and enjoy the electric atmosphere.
  2. The Loop: Chicago’s downtown area has plenty to offer, from world-class museums to historic architecture. You can also check out some of the city’s best restaurants and bars.
  3. West Loop: This trendy neighborhood is home to some of Chicago’s hottest restaurants and nightlife. You can also do some shopping or catch a concert.
  4. Lakefront: Chicago’s lakefront is a great place to relax and enjoy the outdoors. You can go for a bike ride, take a walk on the beach, or even go kayaking.
  5. Navy Pier: Navy Pier is a popular tourist destination with a variety of shops, restaurants, and attractions. You can ride the Ferris wheel, take a boat tour, or just people-watch.

Unforgettable Chicago Bachelor Party Ideas

Chicago is an excellent location with many possibilities for an unforgettable bachelor party. Here are some helpful ideas to consider:

  • Chicago is home to some of the best comedy clubs in the country, such as The Second City and Zanies.
  • Take a tour of one of the city’s many breweries and sample some of their latest offerings.
  • Chicago has a wide variety of music venues, from intimate clubs to large stadiums. 
  • Chicago has a great nightlife scene. There are bars to suit all tastes, from dive bars to rooftop bars.
  • You can Rent a private Cabin or Ranch for outdoor activities and BBQs

Other Desitinations to enjoy the Bachler Party:

  1. Austin, Texas: Austin is known for its live music venues and concerts.
  2. Montreal, Canada: Montreal can be your destination if you want to go on a long route. It offers vibrating nightlife and a variety of entertainment opportunities. 
  3. Cabo San Lucas, Mexico:  Go there if you want to have fun on beaches
  4. Scottsdale, Arizona: It offers all golf resorts, vibrant nightlife, and relaxation. 
  5. Lake Tahoe, California/Nevada:  Go there if you want to do some hiking, skiing, and water sports. 
  6. Bachelor Party Cruises:  Book a Cruises same as you book a party bus
  7. Adventurous Destinations:   Go to any adventurous place and do that boy’s things. Consider destinations like Costa Rica, Thailand, or New Zealand.
  8. Golf Resorts: If the groom is a golf lover, you can take him to a Golf Resort.
  9. City Escapes: Go somewhere out of the city

Get Limo Service for Chicago Bachelor Party?

Why not make your Chicago bachelor party memorable by booking a luxurious limo service? With a comfortable and stylish ride, you can ride in style while traveling to all the destinations of your bachelor party. You can even use one of the available specialized Party Buses to go around town in luxury.

You can choose a pricey and opulent option that will suit your demands, whether you’re looking for a stretch limo, a sprinter van, or even a party bus to make your bachelor party memorable. While you and your companions enjoy the ride, let the pros handle the transportation!

What are the benefits of hiring a party bus for a bachelor party?

Here are some reasons why a party bus can be a great choice for your bachelor party:

  •  Forget the hassle of multiple cars, designated drivers, or parking. A party bus keeps the entire group together and lets the party start the minute you step on board.
  •  Party buses come in all sizes, comfortably accommodating your crew.
  • party buses have features like booming sound systems, lighting effects, and even dance floors, transforming your ride into a mobile nightclub.
  • With a professional driver behind the wheel, you and your friends can relax and enjoy the festivities without worrying about driving under the influence.
  • Splitting the cost of a party bus amongst your group can be surprisingly affordable, especially compared to multiple taxis or rideshares.
Handsome chauffeur driving luxury car

Get reliable Transportation vehicles for Chicago Bachelor Party

How do you make long-lasting memories of your party with the party bus?

A party bus itself sets the stage for a memorable time, but here are some ways to take your bachelor party on wheels to the next level and create lasting memories:

  1. Themed Decorations: Take the party bus a step further by decorating it according to a chosen theme. Get creative and have some fun with it!
  2. Games and Activities: Plan some fun games and activities to keep the energy high throughout the ride. 
  3. Photo Booth Fun: Set up a photo booth area in the bus with fun props and backdrops. This will encourage silly pictures and provide hilarious keepsakes for everyone.
  4. Signature Drinks and Snacks: Prepare some specialty cocktails or mocktails with a fun name to match your theme. You can also pack some finger foods or snacks to keep everyone happy.
  5. Capture the Moments: Remember to designate someone as the night’s official photographer or videographer. Candid photos and videos will be a great way to reminisce about the fun later.
  6. Explore New Places: If possible, incorporate stops at interesting locations along your route. This could be a scenic overlook, a bar with a unique atmosphere, or even a quick game of mini-golf.
  7. Embrace the Unforgettable: The most important thing is to relax, have fun, and create some unforgettable moments with your friends.

What games can you play at your bachelor party with your friends on the charter bus?


  1. Bachelor Bingo: Create bingo cards with squares containing things you might encounter on the trip (bachelor party accessory, funny license plate, specific landmark). The first person to get a bingo wins a prize.
  2. The Groom Quiz: Test the groomsmen’s knowledge of the groom with a trivia quiz about his life, interests, and quirks. Compile funny or embarrassing questions beforehand for maximum entertainment.
  3. Would You Rather?: Come up with “would you rather” questions with a bachelor party twist. Examples: “Would you rather give a best man speech in your underwear or sing karaoke in front of your ex?”
  4. Never Have I Ever:Play this classic game with bachelor party-themed prompts. “Never have I ever crashed a bachelor party” or “Never have I ever lost a bet during a bachelor party weekend.”
  5. The Roastmaster Game: Take turns giving funny (but respectful) roasts of the groom, highlighting his quirks and bachelor party escapades (without going overboard)—award points for the most creative or hilarious roasts.

Active Games (with space limitations):

  1. Scavenger Hunt: Prepare a list of items or landmarks to find on the journey (funny signs, specific buildings, people wearing bachelor party attire). The first team to find everything wins a prize.
  2. Dance Battle Royale: Divide into teams and have short, energetic dance battles to pre-selected songs. Vote on the best team performance after each round.
  3. Improv Stories: Start a story with a sentence related to bachelor parties. Each person adds the next sentence, building on the previous one hilariously and unexpectedly.

Remember, the most important thing is to have fun and create lasting memories. Adapt these ideas to your group and the groom’s personality, and don’t be afraid to get creative!

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